Between the article and all the responses, it is interesting that just about nobody has picked up…
John Hopkins

people need fresh air and water plus food and shelter — everything else is optional.

This is similar to my prioritization of my needs, which I can group in three categories: A — parts of me; B — wealth; C — help.

Category A (in order of how long I can expect to be me without): (1) the air I will breathe, (2) the information (sensory stimuli) I will receive, (3) the water I will drink, and (4) the food I will eat.

Category B (in general order of utility): (1) knowledge (between my ears) and skills (in my neuro-muscular habits), (2) tools and utensils, (3) clothing and shelter, and (4) objects of pleasure (musical instruments, books, …).

Category C: (1) Reliable friends and associates and (2) repositories of cultural heritage.

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