How to fix journalism
Nafeez Ahmed

Thoughtful article, and useful. But I disagree with the title and think that it follows from a narrow focus.

The purpose and function of journalism has always been to support and maintain the existing system as a whole. In any complex system, some parts will accumulate grime, deteriorate, break, or otherwise malfunction. For the total system to continue functioning well in the face of this inevitability requires monitoring, evaluation, and feedback so that corrective actions and/or systemic realignments and adaptations can occur. Journalism was a major component subsystem performing this feedback function.

In my view, the major problem of problems we face is the total inappropriateness of the dominant system (western industrial civilization) with respect to the contemporary situation. In brief, we are now in a collapse, and adjustments and realignments within that existing system cannot make it appropriate to the problems.

In the collapse phase, the only appropriate reaction of the system and its subsystems is to strengthen and fortify. This, of course, also results in increasing rigidity and consequently fragility.

From this broader view, the problem is not to fix journalism (to restore its previous functioning within a once flexible adaptive system) but to develop a new form of a collective intelligence association (acronym?) to function within a new system of human society that might be capable of coping with our emerging emergencies. This seems to be what you are attempting, and I applaud your efforts.