2 days in with the new Macbook Pro.

48 hours can tell you a few things about a potential relationship.

Granted, the initial feeling at the fingertips is weird, things are slightly spaced differently, and the tactile response is just different. But you know that deep down, in their bones, it’s the same. The soul is still the same. The shell is what’s changed.

But you had a hunch that there’s something wrong deep down. And maybe it’s a hardware issue, maybe it’s a software issue. I just hope that it’s not a potential ticking time bomb.

The new MacBook Pro has been a dream so far. The keyboard has been wonderful. I love the new trackpad, the touch bar is interesting, and so far very useful. But whilst typing, you can feel that some of the keys are a touch warmer than it should be. The computer runs quite much hotter than usual. You try to let it not bother you, but it’s inevitable that a few red flags start waving. Furthermore, with the recent Samsung Galaxy Note7 cases still fresh in everyone’s minds, you pray that what you carry in your backpack is not actually a semi explosive that can potentially put a hole in you.

Just hopefully, this heat/battery issue will be sorted real soon. I highly suspect that it’s just a problem with the software optimisation. Apple should have this fixed real quick. Apple, I’ve already given you feedback on this matter. Please look into it quickly, please.

Apart from this little niggle, I’m totally in love again. I migrated my old MacBook Pro to the new MacBook Pro, and it feels like I never left. My settings are as they were, my files are as they were too. I’m totally in love. The touchbar makes so much sense. I’m not one that would want to touch the screen of my laptop, although my girlfriend always tries to touch the screen of my laptop when she uses it because her work laptop has that function and I’m like “What are you doing, woman?” I love that my hands never have to leave the same XY plane to get the things that I need done.

Thank you, Apple.

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