Filtered, Curated, Posted.

Conversations with people this week made me realise that as humans, we pass judgment on our fellow human beings, as if one of us is better than the other.

“You never know, what they would think.”
“You’re the only one that wouldn’t judge me.” 
“You’re a friend I felt comfortable with and I thought you would listen.”

It begs the question of “Why?” Why are we so afraid of appearing to be flawed, or weak, or hurt, or sad? At dinner yesterday we were also talking about those apps that made you look 10 years younger and gave you amazing complexion in your photos. Why do we have to appear a certain way? Why do we need to appear perfect in front of people? Why do we have to act like we have it all together when we don’t? Aren’t we all hurting in one way or another? Aren’t we all sad, angry, disappointed with some things but also happy, glad, and thankful with some other things all in the same day? So why is it that we share the happy/good things, but we filter out the sad things?

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