It’s been over a year (since Jan 2015) that I picked up road cycling, and what a journey it has been so far. I started this journey somewhat cold and heartbroken, but right now cycling has given me all the warm fuzzy feels that comes with love and support from the girlfriend, family, team-mates and colleagues.

Inspired by the films of the Rapha Continental, I bought a my first road bike. I dreamed of riding snowy roads of Scotland and Wales, climb the mountains of the Alps and Pyrenees, and the bomb down the sandy trails of the American Northwest.

My initial experience was not quite what I thought it would be like. Falling at the traffic lights because you’re not used to being clipped into pedals, or pedalling squares up the short hill at Regent’s Park, for example. But that didn’t deter me from getting outside, in the cold British winter and wet spring to ride my bicycle. The pain in the legs and lungs masked the pain that was in my heart. And slowly, as the pain in the legs and lungs went away, so did the ache in the heart.

By that time, summer had arrived. #sunsoutgunsout. At the blink of an eye, I was back home in Singapore. Threw myself into the deep end and went “racing” with RCCSGP at the CycoSports 2015 SG50 Race at Pasir Gudang. Realised at that time amongst what sort of company I was in and where I stood amongst the peleton. I was stronger than I was back in January, but I’m far behind these folks. I didn’t like that feeling.

Shortly after that race, I signed up with Athlete’s Lab, stuck with the training program there. Recently did another Functional Threshold Power test (the most hellish 20 mins) that showed my power output has increased by 13% over 2 months. I was quite happy with that figure. I’m glad, and I’m on track to reaching my goal of 4W/kg by the end of 2016.

To get to where I am right now, I battled many moments of self-doubt, reaching deep inside myself through the pain and pulled something more out of the hat each time. I have the great guys of RCCSGP to thank. Especially the RCCSGP Racing Team, that inspire and encourage me to keep pushing (or in many cases, try to hang on to your wheels) as I strive to become better, stronger, faster.

Just a little bit of Nostalgia going on here. I wrote this piece more as a reflection and an exercise to pen down thoughts, and an opportunity to say “Thank you”.

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