Quickfire: Sore Legs and confidence

Starting both my PhD and NTS training at the same time is easy yet difficult; so many parallel lines and lessons to draw here.

My sore legs became a reminder for the rigorous training that my supervisor put on me from the gun. He asked me hard questions that I often have no response to, except the scramble in my head to find the words to answer the question.

Like on Thurday’s gym session, 6 sets of squats, lunges, jump-squats, and jump-lunges that left the legs aching until today. The load is something that I’m not quite used to yet. But eventually, I believe it will become easier and easier, being able to bear more and more of the load; understanding the paper will become more and more second-nature, taking less time and understanding the deeper nuances of the writing.

Week 2 has just begun, and thankful for the early conversations in the week. Let’s go get them.

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