Quickfire: the minds behind

I’m typing this post as I stand on the MRT train, packed like a sardine in a can because of a potential “track fault” that almost brought the Circle Line to a standstill.

It had me contemplating what on earth could have happened? However, if there has been anything that I’ve learned in these 7 weeks as a grad student, it is that things are not as simple as they might appear to be.

Like how complex diseases have linchpins in the most unlikely of places (eg TCF7L2 in type 2 diabetes and not the “obvious” metabolism genes), I believe the problem underneath these increasingly frequent train issues points at issues at a deeper level.

“Are the computers powerful enough to process the increased information input as a result of ‘problems’ arising?”

“Does the maintenance team have enough manpower to go through the work thoroughly?”

“Is the software controlling the trains robust? What about when you do manual override?”

Too many questions, too few answers.

I look upon exasperated faces this morning. As if the wet weather did not exacerbate things enough.


Leadership. Does Singapore truly understand what that means? Do Singaporeans truly understand the weight that the word carries?

I suppose only time will give us the answers, if we ask the right questions, and if we know where to find them.

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