Tips for Successful Shipping

So you’ve sold a product. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part..satisfactory, timely, and presentable delivery. Making sure that the shipping process of your business runs smoothly is a big part of the battle and should not be overlooked. Follow these tips for shipping success:

1) Do your homework

Look into different packaging options and think about your product. Does it need to be padded? Is it overly large? What materials are necessary to transport it sufficiently from you to your client? If you have lots of products, you need to do your homework for each and every one and thoroughly investigate the most efficient way to get your things where they need to be. Skimping out on researching all of your options involving shipping supplies can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

2) Look into different couriers

Different couriers want your business, so look around and see who is offering the best deals. Some offer discounted boxes, some offer flat rates. Different places may have better deals depending on your shipping needs, to make them work for your business and look around before entrusting a place with your products and money.

3) Get a rough idea on shipping rates

Try to measure and weigh your products long before shipping so that you can succesfully budget for shipping rates. When in doubt, over estimate to make sure that you have enough money in the budget to account for shipping.

4) Allow for tracking

Your customer’s minds will be put at ease if they are able to see exactly when their packages will arrive. Help to mitigate any fear or anxiety that comes along with online shopping by doing your best to allow package tracking options. This will also stop your customer service lines from being blown up by people anxious to know exactly when their purchase will be at their door. Save you, you workers, and your customers a headache by making things trackable.

5) Make sure you offer delivery options

For some people, online shopping means “I need this NOW” meaning they are willing to pay more for shipping. That being said, some people want to pay less and wait longer. Give your customers shipping options and allow them to have some sort of a say in when they will get their product. This is convenient and efficient for your clientelle and also shows that you care about their needs.

6) Personalize your delivery

One great way to increase brand loyalty and customer excitement is to personalize your delivery method. Incorporate the buyer’s name somewhere into a nice thank-you card or on the actual package itself. This will show that you care and establish a personal connection between you and your client. “People may forget what you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel”- is so true in regards to repeat customers and future business endeavors.

All in all, shipping is a big part of running a business and can be a huge cost and investment into future purchases. Carefully consider all of your shipping goals and options. A wise investment in the quality and price of your shipping will go a long way in the future and help to keep your business successful and thriving.