The empty, late afternoon was much brighter than yesterday. All was still, except for Welles in his roadster, kicking up the few remaining decaying leaves scattered amongst the gravel. Staring through the rearview mirror, he enjoyed watching the tires kick up whatever was loose on the road. He had turned…

I was wandering through a particular neighborhood on my last day of a short vacation.

The keys were in the ignition. I know, I stopped and unsnapped the covering. The pristine white leather seats smelled of recent care. I saw my reflection on the hood, holding the only key on…

August 2018 Release

In the near future, Quincy Lane dominates Celeb Culture worldwide. Why did she move to the Life Boat, a small unknown religious community serving the mentally incapacitated, run by a restless priest and his devoted psychiatrist? Soon the priest and psychiatrist are gone. The Life Boat residents have never heard of Quincy. The service robots are driving her crazy. Resident Tall Mary leads the worst woman rock band ever. The refugee Melkites from Syria arrive, and also the mysterious Galvin Salvus, whose fantastic claim unnerves Quincy. All combine to make the Life Boat an odd community in the new age, but strangely engaging.

Photographs by Charles Masters/Story by Everett Heath

“Which one is your coat?”

“The gray one underneath.”

“Hers is the one on top?”


“You don’t use that coat anymore?”

“Not since she left her coat and never came back.”


“Why what?”

“Why did you stop wearing that coat?”


Charles Masters is a long established commercial photographer in NYC. We’ve known each other for 35 years. We’ve been talking about collaborating on some project for many years now.

Charles sends me a few photos that I have never seen before. I then write a story using the photos as the foundation. I arrange them as I see fit to flow with the story. I then send the story back to Charles for review. We tweak the story if necessary, then call it done and move on.

-Everett Heath


Originally published at

Everett Heath

I live In Honolulu — twenty years now. Before Hawaii, Alaska. Earlier, Europe for ten years. Born in Texas. Thank you for reading.

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