All You Need to Know About Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate is a material having a waxy texture. It is a white powdery substance which is non-toxic in nature. Stearic acid is its primary source. Stearic Acid and Calcium Oxide when heated together, they form Calcium Stearate, which is a synthetic ingredient. It is formed because of the reaction of the chemicals upon heating. It is extensively used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and plastics industries. Because of its characteristics, it is majorly used as a surfactant, plasticiser or stabiliser. It is a safe food additive and is recognised by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Unlike other sodium and potassium soaps, it has a low solubility in water. The cost of producing it is low and the process to produce it is also easy. Calcium Stearate is mixed with palmitate in order to form a distillate, which consists of palm fatty acid. It is used to enhance the properties of fluidity and liquidity in powder products, by not allowing them to merge. It helps in increasing the viscosity of the mixtures. It softens the mixture to which it is added. Its incorporation results in a highly favourable fluidity even if the dosage added to the mixture is small. It is being replaced by other synthetic substances, due to its lack of solubility. The usage of calcium stearate in soaps is uncommon, despite of being a very important calcium salt.
The initial usage of Calcium Stearate began in the year 1924. The prime purpose of its usage was to improve the texture of the bread dough. It was also used to reduce the level of dust particles in flour. However, because of its unique characteristics, it was extensively used in non-food industries. 
Following are the day to day uses of Calcium Stearate-
• It acts as a waterproofing agent in some textiles and fabric materials
• It is found in pencils and crayons in the form of a lubricant.
• It is used in the concrete industry for waterproofing purposes
• It provides glossy texture and thus is used as a lubricant in production of paper, making the paper dust, water, fold, crease resistant and increases its durability.
• It plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry by acting as a glue agent for its sticky properties as well as an anti-tack agent
• It also acts as an anti-caking agent
• It also acts as an anti-foaming agent
• It is used to reduce friction when added to other materials
• It increases the flow rate and prevents caking when mixed with other powders
The manufacturers of calcium stearate should make use of the top-notch grade chemical compounds in order to compose a quality product. They should offer it in the firm packges so as to avoid the chances of spillage during the transit. The manufacturers of calcium stearate should be capable of delivering their consignments on a timely basis, even if the client places a bulk order.

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