The Many Uses of Calcium Stearate Dispersion

The chemical formula of calcium stearate is C36H70CA04. This chemical compound is available in a powdered form and is white to yellowish in color. 
It is soluble in hot pyridine and insoluble in alcohol, ether, and water. It is also known as a calcium soap.
Calcium stearate is made from lubricants and surfactants. It is produced by the heating of stearic acid and calcium oxide. It is also known as E 470. It is basically a soap scum, a kind of white leather, which is produced when the soap is mixed or diluted with the hard water. In the market, it is available as a spray dried powder or in the dispersion form.
• It is waxy in texture and insoluble in water.
• It is easy to procure and has an extremely low toxicity.
It is used in a number of industries for various purposes-
• It is used as a lubricant in stationery items such as pencil and crayons.
• It is used in the construction industry for making concrete, which is widely used in the construction of pavements and buildings.
• In the paper industry, calcium stearate is used to add shine and gloss to paper.
• It helps in the prevention of cracks in the paper while folding. This chemical compound is also used in the production of paperboard.
• In medicine industry, it is used for making molds of tables, anti-lubricant agent, and gelling agent.
• It is used in food as a stabilizer in the food processing industry.
This edible chemical is fit for consumption and acclaimed by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Following are the various applications of calcium stearate dispersion in the food industry-
• It is widely used for the production of candies and other confectionery items. It does not let the food, stick to the processing equipment.
• It is also used for the preparation of snacks, dry millers, salt, and spices.
In today’s time, calcium stearate dispersion is a commonly used chemical compound in various food items as well as in dietary supplements. Some of the food products in which it is found are Quintus chips, green tea mints, barley’s cookies, and much more. The entities engaged in the production of this high-utility chemical compound should meticulously adhere to the standards and norms laid down by the industry. Thus, it can be concluded that calcium stearate dispersion is the elementary requirement of many industries.

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