The Perks of Queues.

-‘Plane Talk'

Getting to the airport at 10:30 when your flight is at 12:15, should leave sufficient room for getting lost, and found in the maze of duty free. However when you’re a seventeen year old girl stuck staring at a Victoria secret purse ( make out of the same leather as Louis Vuitton ) time flies by.

After all the excitement of an amazing unsubtle gift. We continued to look through duty free but before we got into any other shops we heard the last call for our flight. Here began the great plane chase.

With one minute on the clock and one clear destination. We ran. I don’t run, never have, but we weren’t going to miss our flight.

But of cause, once I put my back out to get there. There was a queue. A queue that meant we could have walked. A queue that meant we hadn’t missed our flight. A sudden rush of relief.

The weathers always better above the clouds.

(23.01.16 BHX-DUB)