Waking up elsewhere.

An Introduction

You can find many incredible artists wandering around in galleries. When approached by a student some stop and stare blankly, but the wiser of them give up a second of attention.

June 12th, we got dressed up to disguise any indication of cultural identity. I figured a flowery dress is the fashion language of ‘generic’ with a hint of youthful aging. A simple dress for me works in the same way as a less than adequate consume for an actor, it lets me carry any persona without many limits or connotations.

A far as I’ve been able to establish, the people I’ve met have fit into three distinctive character groups:

  • The one who wants to sell

“Thirty pound; cheap rates for a student”

  • The one who is incredibly focused on their artist response piece’

• ‘The one who is unbelievably talented, as well as surprisingly friendly’

Each of the three ‘wanderers’ are essential for the complete gallery ‘experience’. I personally enjoy breaking the wall of focus. I can almost always judge the response before it happens, but when I get it wrong all hell can break loose.

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