Big News

Top 20 Public chain in China

Under the guidance of the Fifth Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, everiToken was elected as the top 20 Public chains, which greatly demonstrated technical capabilities, performance and application capabilities, security and so on.

everiToken public chain Mainnet is now upgraded to version 4.2, which provides a more stable environment for Staking. The core team continued to expand the market this week. We welcome technical geeks to participate actively and contribute to the ecology of the entire ecosystem.

Big News

I Mainnet Version of 4.2.0

everiToken Mainnet was upgraded to a new version of 4.2, which has significantly improved the Staking and database performance compared to the previous version. At the same time, some code modules are optimized and refactored to make them more suitable for the needs of commercial applications.

Big News

I 20% ROI of EVT Staking

EVT Staking function will be officially released this week. We start to work with HashQuark and which clients can invest EVT in with 20% ROI.

everiToken public chain has released a new version of Mainnet this week. The core team attended the World Blockchain Conference this week and continued to expand the global market. Technical geeks are welcome to participate and contribute to the community’s ecology.

Big News

World Blockchain Conference

On November 8, 2019, the second World Blockchain Conference was grandly opened in Wuzhen,Zhejiang Province. everiToken CEO Brady was invited to attend the conference and delivered keynote speeches with representatives from famous giants such as Alibaba、Tencent and Baidu. In addition, everiToken booth has attracted many participants’ attention and people who want to cooperate.

Big News

I everiWallet on App Store

Recently, everiToken app everiWallet was officially available on the Apple App Store, users can search for “everiToken” in Appstore to download the security wallet.


I World Internet Conference

Recently, everiToken, as the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure platform, was invited to attend the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. everiToken showed participants the technological innovation, application, and ecological progress.

Big News

I EVT 4.0 version of Mainnet Launched

everiToken Mainnet has been upgraded to 4.0 version, mainly supporting the built-in Staking. Its Mainnet has been running stably after being successfully launched, which essentially verified the security of the Mainnet. Subsequently, EVT version of Staking will be online soon, which can increase the profit of EVT holders and furtherly ensure a more secure network.

Big News

Strategic Partnership with Jadepool Custody

everiToken public chain has reached a strategic partnership with Jadepool Custody, which is managed by NBLTrust. Its newly released 0.13.3 version has supported everiToken. And clients in the Jadepool Custody ecosystem can configure and launch everiToken (EVT)via the Jadepool Custody system. Jadepool Custody has already supported 26 blockchains and thousands of tokens. More blockchains can be supported as per clients’ requests. Jadepool Custody can connect with a wide range of clients, such as exchanges, wallets, Tokenfunds, crypto asset management platforms, mining pool and so on.

Big News

I Binance DEX AMA

Binance DeX will invite Brady to share the project in the official community and award EVT to the participants worth of thousands of dollars at 11 pm on October 10 (SGT). Undoubtedly, we will be ignited again by the passion of the DEX community users, and we also hope that everiToken community users will actively participate. Please stay tuned for the official announcement for more infomation.

Big News

I Trust Wallet AMA

At 23:00 on September 10th, the online AMA event held by Trust Wallet and everiToken came to a happy end. Brady was shocked by the enthusiasm of the users from Trust Wallet community. He introduced everiToken to its community users from topics such as project technical innovations, online applications and founders. $5,000 USD worth of $EVT were up for grabs!


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