Welding Types and Welding Information

Being a fabrication or sculptural process of joining two materials — usually metals and arc — one of the most common type of arc welding in shielded metal art welding, welding is the most common and basic process that is used to joint two or more separate parts of different metals to give the shape of any product or machinery. It is also called as manual metal arc welding or stick welding that is done through stick welders. Depending on your choice and type of requirement, welding type is divided into different category. The main types of welding used in industry and by home engineers are commonly referred to as MIG welding, arc welding, gas welding and TIG welding or TIG torch welding consumables.

MIG Welding or GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding

MIG welding as the common name, this type of welding is the most widely used and perhaps the most easily mastered type of welding for industry and home use. This process is suitable for fusing mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

TIG Welding or Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

TIG Torch Welding consumables or TIG welding is comparable to oxy acetylene gas welding that needs a lot more expertise from the operator. It is used for high-quality work as superior standard of finish is required without making use of excessive clean up by sanding or grinding.

ARC Welding or SMAW

Stick welders or ARC welding is the most basic of all welding types is easy to master in a home welding situation. It is ideal for construction and repairs, manufacturing and for heavy metal size. Not to mention use of thinner metals and alloys that is usually suited to the MIG welding types.

Gas Welding or Oxy Acetylene Welding and Cutting

Gas welding consists of mixing oxygen and acetylene gas to create a flame capable of melting sheets. It is used largely for maintenance work and gas metal cutting. It is ideal for softer metals like bronze and copper. There are different types of other welding processes that have their significances and uses. You have to choose the right make and model according to your choice. You can buy them by different names that include stick welders, TIG torch welding consumables, best ac/dc welders, stainless steel welder in Canada and a lot more. You have to choose the right one and place your order directly to manufacturer.

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