After an eventful 2019, Everprove is ready to take on 2020. Our first important event this year was the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona.

The year 2020 has barely even started but our team is already working hard. While our developer team is breaking a sweat to bring you Everprove Mobile, Marci from the Everprove team visited Barcelona for a short trip.

We have applied to RACE by EBC in the fall of 2019 and got nominated as one of the best 21 startups — and invited to take part in the European Blockchain Convention.

A competition in a thriving startup-hub

The past few years have proved that Europe has an ever-growing startup community and there is a need for showcasing their ideas. …

Everprove’s team has been traveling over the globe in November, spreading the word, raising awareness and meeting a network of investors and corporations. With the app development underworks, we have so much coming in the next few months. Stay tuned!

Signing documents manually is arguably dull and inefficient. Print it, sign it, scan it then send it back… All these steps are taking time away from doing something meaningful. Digital signatures reduce the need for physical signatures, therefore saving precious time — and money.

There are several reasons why you or your company might benefit from utilizing digital signatures, but first, let’s see what they are.

Digital signatures

A signature ’s goal is to ensure that a document is authentic: that it was signed on the specified place and date, by the specified people. Digital signatures serve this very purpose, but in…

While regulation may still make it mandatory to keep some records on paper, digitalizing documents can arguably benefit any business. From being eco-friendly to cutting down on costs there are several advantages of going paperless.

1: Digital data is valuable

Paper-based data is just ink and paper. All you can do with it is stack it in piles and store it until you need it. But finding the one document you need manually is quite a headache.

Possibilities with digital data are countless. You can do calculations, make predictions, reports and many more operations to make sense out of the vast amounts of data. …

Digitalization and the Internet have changed almost every field of life. Changing the old ways for digital ways has brought about several changes for the better.

Cutting down on costs, saving time and convenience are the main benefits of emerging technologies. Yet, many of the documents we create are still paper-based.

You may ask this to yourself every now and then. Writing complex agreements for smaller, day-to-day deals might feel like a bit of an overkill. After all, visiting a lawyer takes time, money and it’s not particularly amusing either.

Whether you decide to make a contract depends on what are the stakes of the deal. If you’re selling a pair of old sneakers then no need to bother with it. Set the price and facilitate the selling.

Most of the arrangements are completed without a dispute. But what about a handful of cases when something goes wrong?

Maybe the other…

We have been waiting for the best moment to present the functional alpha version of Everprove to the public, and our decision to debut on the ANON Blockchain Summit in Vienna was just the perfect call.

Everprove Co-founders Szabolcs Hargittay and Zoltan Toth at ANON Summit

Vienna is one of the most beautiful European capitals with a buzzing startup scene and a dynamically growing blockchain community. We had the opportunity several weeks ago to pitch Everprove on the Block&Wine Meetup, a weekly event focusing on DLT technology and its regulatory environment. …

As Valentine’s day is closing in, you may wonder how should you let your Valentine know how much you love her/him. You might even feel a growing feeling of hopelessness because traditional love letters feel kinda… meh?

Each year millions of people around the world send flowers, greeting cards, and emails to their loves — but really, that’s not very special, isn’t it?

Everprove, an innovative blockchain certification startup is nearing official launch and decided to win the users’ hearts with a fun Valentine Day pilot campaign. …

Harglaw, a Budapest-based business law firm has started to use the Everprove smart document system in its daily operations. Feedback from the office’s clients has been overly positive.

Tamper-proof and immutable registration of the content and the date of documents is essential in everyday legal operations. The traditional measure for that has been the notarization — which costs both significant time and money. Not mentioning the fact, that notarial stamps are only valid in single jurisdictions, international certification requires further administrative measures.

Everprove is a disruptive technology, that allows easy, cheap and quick certification of any legal document (contract, certificate…

The Ricardian contract concept was invented by Ian Grigg in 1996. According to his definition: “a Ricardian contract can be defined as a single document that is a) a contract offered by an issuer to holders, b) for a valuable right held by holders, and managed by the issuer, c) easily readable (like a contract on paper), d) readable by programs (parsable like a database), e) digitally signed, f) carrying the keys and server information, and g) allied with a unique and secure identifier”

So the Ricardian contract is a document defining a valuable right, such as the issuance or…


Digital contracting made easy. Professional templates, electronic signature, blockchain archivation. Your deals are important!

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