7 reasons to go paperless

Nov 4, 2019 · 2 min read

While regulation may still make it mandatory to keep some records on paper, digitalizing documents can arguably benefit any business. From being eco-friendly to cutting down on costs there are several advantages of going paperless.

1: Digital data is valuable

Paper-based data is just ink and paper. All you can do with it is stack it in piles and store it until you need it. But finding the one document you need manually is quite a headache.

Possibilities with digital data are countless. You can do calculations, make predictions, reports and many more operations to make sense out of the vast amounts of data. Not to mention the time required to retrieve a specific bit of information.

2: Save time and money

Manual data collection and document management slow your business down. Printing, scanning, stamping, and signing is not just time-consuming and boring — it takes precious time away from doing meaningful tasks. And we know that time is the most valuable asset.

By reducing the time you spend issuing paper-based documents you can focus on matters which add substantial value to your business.

3: Reduce human error

Manually adding information to contracts opens up opportunities for human error. Every time data is copied there is a chance for making typos — and some of these can be rather costly. You can reduce redundant work and the chance of mistakes by using data from digital documents.

4: Complying with regulation better

Keeping important documents is a common legal requirement. Poor paper trails and manual authentication leaves considerable space for mistakes and fraud.

Everprove’s digital documents are tamper-proof and preserved forever. They contain data about the parties, what they agreed on, where and when. A clear, transparent audit trail.

5: Signing is easier than ever

Even though signing documents takes mere seconds, the whole process is way longer. You have to visit the office and do it personally, physically.

With the advance of technology and digital signatures, this is not an issue anymore. You can sign anything from your smartphone or your home computer without any difficulty. And the digitally signed document is as legally binding as any document with a wet-ink signature.

6: Environmental impact

Sometimes being green may conflict with your short term business goals, but this is not always the case. Reducing the amount of paper produced to the bare legal minimum can have a great impact on the environment AND save time and money for your business at the same time.

7: Marketing advantage

Presenting your brand or business as up-to-date is an advantage over your competitors. Let your customers know that you embrace the new possibilities offered by technology.



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Everprove is a smart document archivation platform powered by distributed ledger technology.

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