How can your business benefit from digital documents?

Oct 21, 2019 · 3 min read

Digitalization and the Internet have changed almost every field of life. Changing the old ways for digital ways has brought about several changes for the better.

Cutting down on costs, saving time and convenience are the main benefits of emerging technologies. Yet, many of the documents we create are still paper-based.

Digital documents issued by Everprove are tamper-proof

The integrity of the documents is critical for your business. Traditional documents can be forged almost effortlessly. Digital documents are slightly more reliable. One needs to know his/her way around digital technologies to be able to forge digital documents, but it is certainly possible. Image editors make this moderately easy too.

Everprove-issued digital documents are different. We are utilizing blockchain technology and digital signatures to preserve your documents in their original form. Issued in minutes and lasting forever.

Digital and wet-ink signatures comparison

Do you remember forging your parents' signatures in the school index? Or signing your book when you got a bad grade? Sure, you do not… But falsifying wet ink signatures is that easy. You inspect the original, practice it for a few minutes and you are ready to go. Some forged signatures give even graphologists a hard time.

What about digital signatures? They are just bits, so they can be easily copy-pasted, right? Well, not quite.

Digital signatures are using asymmetric cryptography which is a fancy word for cleverly making these signatures almost impossible to forge.

How? Without getting too technical: these digital signatures are composed of several pieces of information — namely, the document you are signing, geolocation, IP address and such. If you change any tiny thing in the document then the whole signature changes, therefore it’s easy to tell that it’s been tampered with.

Even more secure digital documents

Blockchain adds another layer of security. In short, blockchain is a database where blocks contain data (transaction details, strings or any data) and each of these blocks is timestamped and interconnected. It forms a chain, where every block contains a reference for the previous blocks, forming a chain. Changing just one block breaks the integrity of the system.

And don’t worry: Everything we write on the chain is encrypted, ensuring that your data remains confidential.

Your Everprove-issued documents are safe. And easy to access.

Even though the utilized technology provides powerful protection, accessing your documents is convenient. All you need is the QR code and your smartphone. This way, granting access to your partners is a matter of seconds.

Ever had to dig up an old document buried somewhere in a huge pile of papers? We all did. While regulation sometimes makes it mandatory to keep the original documents, many of them could be stored digitally.

These digital documents are:

  • Eco-friendly: no need to waste huge amounts of paper
  • Easy to retrieve: all you need is the QR code to return the full document from the blockchain
  • Timeless: their original form is preserved

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Everprove is a smart document archivation platform powered by distributed ledger technology.

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