Without data to bring it alive the Everscore DApp (see our Everscore introduction article) is only an empty shell, a husk waiting to be filled with high-scores and precious Achievements..

This is why it is vital for users to understand how to use the application. For some it might only be a quick visit to confirm that a specific achievement made it over to the blockchain, for others it might be a utility to scan a customers wallet and bestow achievements at the checkout counter of a bowling alley.

Everscore provides the infrastructure to immortalize accomplishments in gaming, sports and entertainment.

Everscore is a blockchain based application where games, sports authorities and entertainment venues can bestow personal records and achievements to individuals.

Users will be able to link to their score and share on social media. Any such achievement will be undeniable as it can be verified on the blockchain.

As sports venues are modernizing, more and more data is collected. This data often exists inside a vacuum without you, the owner, being able to access it.

Everscore aims to liberate this data so it becomes shareable on the internet in a trustworthy fashion.

A blockchain solution for your personal accomplishments


Immortalizing your Achievements

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