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Apr 11 · 7 min read

Without data to bring it alive the Everscore DApp (see our Everscore introduction article) is only an empty shell, a husk waiting to be filled with high-scores and precious Achievements..

This is why it is vital for users to understand how to use the application. For some it might only be a quick visit to confirm that a specific achievement made it over to the blockchain, for others it might be a utility to scan a customers wallet and bestow achievements at the checkout counter of a bowling alley.

The application has many types of users and perspectives so let us take you through each of them.

There are three different sections on the website:

  • Games
  • Player
  • Account

There are 5 different types of users:

  • Unregistered account
  • Registered account
  • Linked account
  • Company account
  • Game account

Unregistered accounts can be registered by adding a unique name, or link to another account that is already named.

It is possible for a company to manage multiple games, however to submit an achievement for a player a game has to do it from it’s own account. This is designed this way so account the achievement is submitted from identifies the game.


In the Games section you can see all the Games that have submitted scores and achievements to players.

You can search for games in the search-box and click on a game to see its details.

The games detail section has two parts, ‘High-scores’ and ‘Achievements’

The Achievements display in the game details screen.

Both the Games and Player sections currently obtain their data directly from the VeChainThor blockchain. This will later be replaced with a fast in-memory cache database to use the application without any special browser plugins, if it is just to view the listed high-scores and achievements.

Player section

In the Player section you can find the individual results for each player.

You can search for players in the search-box and click on a player to see their players results.

The Player details section has two parts, ‘High-scores’ and ‘Achievements’

‘High-scores’ shows all scores a player has obtained across all linked accounts.

‘Achievements’ shows all achievements a player has obtained across all linked accounts.

If you are viewing your own Player and are logged-in, it is possible to click on one of the stars to set an active Achievement. This achievement will be displayed next to your name in the players list (and perhaps who knows where across the multiverse!) Activating this achievement will prompt you with a signing request. You will be asked to sign this request by Sync or Comet:


While the Games and Players sections are accessible without identifying yourself, you will need to be identified to access the account section.

In order to login, click on the top right icon depicting a lock. This will let Everscore know your wallet address by sending a request to your Connex provider like Sync or Comet.


Once logged-in as a new unregistered user, you will be taken to your personal Account page which will look like this:

You can register your wallet with your unique name or link to another account that you have already registered.

Once registered, you will get a simple welcome message.

You can also see list of all wallets that are linked to your current wallet and the option to remove the linking.

And possibly your free transaction allowance, if granted to you.


In the Company section most users will see a simple widget allowing them to create a company.

A company in Everscore is an entity that can create and control games.

A game in Everscore is an entity that can bestow scores and achievements to players.

Below for example, we have an overview of a company with three games that is in the process of creating it’s fourth game called ‘New-Game!’

When creating a game you need to provide the address of the wallet that will be controlling the game. This is the wallet from which the game can bestow scores and achievements. Make sure you keep the private key of this wallet in a safe place!

Please note that it is possible to create companies and games from your own smart contracts.

Also note, games and companies need first be approved in order to prevent misuse of our DApp.


When logged-in as the wallet controlling a game, the Account section looks different.

We only have one option called “Game” and it allows us to bestow Scores or Achievements to players.

When a blockchain game or IoT integration would bestow an achievement, it would most likely interact directly with our smart-contracts. Examples on how to do this will be open-sourced at a later stage. However for small entertainment venues, small sports-clubs and other entities not being able to implement an IoT solution, we decided to also support a manual bestowal procedure.

When submitting a high-score the wallet of the player has to be provided, preferably scanned.

When submitting an achievement, the wallet of the player should be entered together with the name of the Achievement. Only global achievements or achievements specific to this game can be used. Achievements unique to another game are not allowed. To help with this a filtered list with only possible achievements is displayed.


Because we allow user-created content, such as the names of companies, games and players, we need to have a system in place to prevent misuse. For this reason we have implemented an admin system.

Accounts being marked ‘Admin’ have a set of capabilities to approve or disapprove user-created content.

Disapproved content will be invisible, however still present. The improper user-content should be renamed before it will be turned visible again.

Admins have no means whatsoever to remove any data from the blockchain. All scores and achievements persisted will be so forever.

Unique Achievements

We have a system in place where achievements can be global as well as unique to a specific game.

Achievements unique to a game can only be bestowed by that game.

Global achievements can be bestowed by any game.

Admins are able to set up new achievements, global as well as game-specific.

Games can contact us if they want to claim an achievement for their game, however please note that short, very general achievement names will not be granted.

We hope this article helped you better understand Everscore, not only how to use it but also its capabilities.

We have discussed:

  • The Games section.
  • The Players section.
  • Set an Active Achievement.
  • Logging in.
  • Account page.
  • The Company controller page and creating games.
  • The Game controller page and bestowing achievements.
  • Governance
  • Unique Achievements

If you have further questions please join our telegram channel.


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