Signs of a fuckboy.

Seeing as I have been with a few guys I have run into a few of these so called men. Fuckboys. Yes the guys who tell you you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and then never talk to you again. They usually have a tribal tattoo, diesel truck and you can usually find them at the bar watching the game, but we both know they are secretly scanning the herd of women dancing on each other over in the corner. So as usual I am here to help.


  1. They are stuck in the past.
  • Your conversation will be filled with stories of their high school career. They played sports, obviously, and constantly remind you how they could have gone further in there career but have some tragic reason why they decided not to continue.

2. They aren’t down for anything other than going down.

  • They don’t want a relationship, but they are open to the possible connection you both may have. Bullshit.

3. No shoes, no shirt, no service.

  • Just take a look at the pictures they post on facebook and tinder. If 90% percent of their pics consist of shirtless photos at the gym just swipe left.

4. 👻

  • They live and breathe snapchat as their form of communication with you, hoping to catch a picture of you when you get out of the shower. I mean how else are they supposed to send you unwanted dick pics randomly throughout the day?

5. They don’t care.

  • This one is obvious but I myself have looked past this many times. They just don’t care to know anything about you unless it has to do with what you like in bed. They don’t want to know about your life or what you enjoy doing outside of the bedroom. They will listen to your stories but it will always come back to sex. Always.

So there ya go. Just a few things I have picked up along the way. Hope it helps weed out some of the bad ones. 😊