To the nice girls.

It will never matter how nice you are. You can go out of your way for those you love but if it isn’t the right person then it will never work. I let myself believe for so long that there was something wrong with me, and I was right. When you focus on always “letting things go” you are always going to be walked on. Personally I don’t believe in compromising who you are because of how other people have treated you in the past, but if you can’t walk away from those that don’t deserve you then you are only hurting yourself.

When I was three years old I was put into foster care, at three years old there was nothing I could have done to deserve what had happened. At six I was put into a foster home that locked me in my room for multiple years, alarms on my doors and windows. I didn’t have any friends, my bathroom was the floor of my bedroom, my food was a pot of rotting mushroom soup under my bed. I could have broken, I could have become one of them. I didnt. Even then I refused to let anyone come between me and my smile. At nine I sang my first song in front of a crowd and found my way of coping. At 14 I found my family. I didn’t think the pain would stop, but it did. It always will.

No one is worth losing ourselves over. Heartbreak isn’t easy and it will happen many times in your lifetime, just don’t let it break you. Don’t let them have that control over you, because soon someone will see through your heartbreak and they will love you more than you could ever imagine. You can be dragged through mud and still be you. I know that to be true.