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First and foremost this is not an honest portrayal. This writer and publication is far left leaning socialist. They only show one side of the problem. The other side is blacks. They have wasted and abused to the point that they have a segment of their population that is “Totally worthless”. If you want change to occur it will only happen if both sides come to the table and deal honestly. The black community has not taken one ounce of responsibility and wishes us to believe the poor black me rant. Parents,young and old,community leaders,politicians,schools and churchs must walk the walk.Anything other then that is a scam and will fall on deaf ears.There is not one safe progressive black community in this country. That has to change first before the rest of us will respect and help. They have used us far to long and it’s time to clean their own house first. This QB is just another white picket fence believeing in something he has been spoonfeed. Grow up and make a difference. Blm and its followers are closet Marxist,no joke look at their doctrine.

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