Everybody Helping
Jul 17, 2017 · 1 min read

We couldn’t agree more, Jay.

And thanks for responding! It’s only through these discussions that real progress can occur, so thanks for your insights. Our goal here is to simply raise basic questions that highlight a very general position from which we can continue to become more informed and naturally more effective.

As you mention, there are many complex factors that impact the poverty rate and rate of hunger in the US — certainly not just donations, in fact, far from it. However, we as donors (modern donors, especially) naturally correlate such statistics, which does carry some value, and from this, what does become clear is the lack of readily-available data and analysis from which we, as people that simply want to really help, can make smarter decisions for the sake of increasing our impact.

Especially from a great non-profit perspective, if you truly expect to begin activating people that aren’t currently supporting you, this much feels more like a pre-requisite than anything else.

Thanks again, Jay!