Why New Year’s Eve Should Be The Biggest Day of Giving In The World

New Year’s Eve is probably the most recognized public holiday in the world. It’s a day of celebration and gratitude spanning culture and religion. It should be THE day of giving.

By: @MrScottMcElroy

Pop champagne and drop that ball, it’s New Year’s Eve!

Another year has passed and a new one is now upon us. 2015 was amazing. It was a year full of up’s and down’s, endings and new beginnings. But no matter if 2015 was a year you’re excited to forget or one you know you’ll remember forever, it will soon be gone as 2016 comes to replace it.

And with it, 2016 brings a new day with unimaginable opportunity. What was impossible last year could be “meant to be” this year. Or, at least that’s how I see it. In fact, I’m going to start dreaming big right now and say that next year, New Year’s Eve 2016 will be the first day of a new global tradition of giving on New Year’s Eve. Now, I haven’t exhausted the research and I’m sure starting a global cultural tradition is…difficult…however, I really think it makes sense (relax, I’ve thought this through).

The world should give together on New Year’s Eve. Here are four great reasons why:

1. New Year’s Eve is the biggest public holiday in the world.

By the numbers, it’s believed that New Year’s Eve (and New Year’s Day) is the most celebrated public holiday in the world. Now, I haven’t found definitive quantitative data that shows exactly how many people on our planet celebrate New Year’s Eve at the same time, however Wikipedia highlights more than 50 countries from 5 different continents exceeding well over one billion people.

How often are there that many people celebrating the same thing around the world? Once? Twice? This unique opportunity in itself creates the potential to rally the world like no other holiday can.

2. 20% of all U.S. giving occurs in the last 48 hours of the year.

According to this study, donors are already giving massive amounts on the final two days of the year. Year-end giving is an existing cultural behavior. We’re used to it, we expect it. And this leads to billions given on December 31st alone, likely the most charitable day of the year. Of course, this is led by the desire to receive the tax benefits of charitable giving, but honestly, isn’t that just another positive reason to give on New Year’s Eve? Yes. Yes, it is.

3. Giving is a New Year’s resolution worth keeping.

No matter what you believe, it feels good to give. Giving brings good karma. And like the New Year, helping someone in need creates new opportunities — a new beginning, perhaps, for someone in dire need of a fresh start. Celebrating the new year is symbolic of all these things. That’s why we make resolutions in the first place. Starting a new chapter on a generous note is something we can all get behind.

4. New Year’s Eve is a world-wide party!

Like I said earlier, pop the champagne and drop that ball! It’s New Year’s Eve! And if there’s one way, in 2015–2016, to bring billions of people together for a great cause, it’s a party. Music, dancing, and friends and fun transcend geography, language, and anything else that may separate us for the rest of the year. And on New Year’s Eve, when billions of us are already celebrating together, what better way to party, than to also give?

What better way to welcome a New year, than to give together to make the new year better than the last?

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