The Best way to clean your Mac

As technology becomes more advanced, an average user has more and more readily available content of all sorts at their fingertips. Along with undeniable advantages it also brings forth certain difficulties. Nowadays information overload is a problem not even machines are safe from. Even the most advanced devices’s functionality tends to gradually deteriorate weighed down by excessive, often outdated data. At the same time, as the hard disk drive capacity grows the users feel less and less compelled to spend time on sorting it out.

Everyday Tools company offers Mac users a simple and efficient way to resolve this situation — MaCleaner 4. This powerful deep-cleaning application helps users to save time without having to sacrifice productivity. Finding and removing redundant files, this highly automated smart cleaning system will optimize the work of you device quickly and efficiently with minimal effort from your side. MaCleaner 4 is a software application that contains a full package of solutions for the capacity boost.

What sets MaCleaner 4 apart from similar utilities is its profoundness. The app doesn’t limit itself to minor troubleshooting but allows the user to really assess the general state of the device, determine the sources of trouble and keep them well taken of in the long run. MaCleaner 4 comes with a complete kit of analytical tools. The developers suggest starting your work with a deep scan of the system, which provides information about CPU stats, memory usage, active and inactive space on the drives, even battery charge and temperature.

Based on the results the user can opt for one of the two cleanup modes: either automated smart cleaning to spot and wipe out problem areas without any input from the user, or selective cleaning for the more targeted approach. The latter is best carried out with the help of file manager — the unique asset of MaCleaner 4 that not only guarantees quick access to every directory, but also allows to filter files by type while running a scan (i.e. sorting out PDF files, archive files, installation packages). Another helpful tool, CompleteDelete, speeds up the process of removing items by erasing them from the device entirely, without relocation into the Trash bin.

MaCleaner 4 reaches all storage areas, from the media in the iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie folders to web cache. In addition to managing the user-created content the app also does the work of scrapping redundant system files: backups, duplicates and leftover associated files that typically remain after removing a package.

After the deep clean is complete, the user is welcome to take advantage of the app’s set of monitoring features that help to further optimize work by supplying exhaustive up-to-date information.

Finally, the users will undoubtedly appreciate the enhanced controls system, complete with voice command feature, and easy navigation within the application.

With its extensive list of features, user-friendly controls and moderate price, MaCleaner 4 is a lifesaver for busy people who want their device to work at full capacity. Get rid of everything that slows it down, clutters up the hard drives and distracts you from your objectives. Team up with your Mac to get the work done!

The application is available for download on Mac App Store (don’t miss our exclusive Black Friday’s offer) :