Life On The Flip Side

The flip side ? The flip side of what? Of everything. Of conventional wisdom. Of collective (un) consciousness. Studying the law of attraction as we do I sometimes feel like we are living on the flip side of what we were taught about life, about ‘how things work’ and the opposite of what everyone thinks they know.

We live in a culture seeped in the ‘no pain, no gain philosophy’, a culture that celebrates struggle, strife, and sacrifice. We learn early on how to be people pleasers in order to get along and even survive. How’s that going for everyone? Then we have these amazing spiritual teachers called Abraham, telling us these larger concepts, perspectives, understandings about how life REALLY is and how we can feel more joy and fulfillment. Sometimes what they say is so much on the flip side of what we have been told it can a bit unsettling…at first. But then what they are saying starts to sink into our deeper selves, our infinite soul and we find a YES! like we have never known before. Welcome to the Flip Side Life.

The Flip Side Life encourages us to see that feeling better is the key to every challenge. Finding the ‘feel good flow’ is the way to release any resistance to what is happening, to stop pushing against it. To find the subtle but profound pivot of what thoughts feel better in this moment. What broader more general perspectives to any situations can start to easy the mind and allow Spirit to inspire what’s next? We soften, we allow, we then see the how.

To really be a creative aligner we search not for the bottom line or the cause or blame but for the ‘comfortable’ next thought which is the path to Spirit’s rendezvous . To the outsider this is nothing short of blasphemy with a twist of lazy and detached thrown in for real punch. Who are you to feel better when everyone else is suffering ? And how can simply feeling better possibly be the way to a virtuous or fulfilling life?

The Flip Side Life tells us that when you CHOOSE to feel better and always turn to the broader “Alls Becoming Well” perspective, we are releasing resistance to what is and allowing Source, Spirit, All That Is, to deliver to us the next step to what we are wanting. Your Spiritual entourage can finally get your attention and begin to communicate in many ways that before were shut down. Finding feeling good thoughts raises your point of vibration allowing for rendezvous points where the money, relationships, and experiences flow like a well organized steam of well being. We have all experienced pockets of this kind of life but according to Abraham and many leading edge teachers, this is how our lives are supposed to be the majority of the time. (Take a breath )

So welcome to the secret society of Flip Side dwellers. The Feel Good Nation. We are showing ourselves that the easy path is the most powerful one and when you step into the feel good flow the momentum will take you where you want to go and fast. Your challenge- do what you can to feel better using both physical and non-physical tools to do so.

As you might have heard on our radio show (, I’m nothing short of obsessed with my new vibration side kicks — essential oils. These essences of the earth are powerful non-resistance energy forces that can guide your body and your mind back to your natural stage of well being. This week I’m focusing on my friend Peppermint Oil.

This cooling, mind-easing friend became my close companion as I recently went through some physical contrast known as the flu. I dropped it in my tea, added a few drops into my Vicks Vapor rub, and gave my chest a deep opening and release. I added a few drops in my bath when I wanted to cool a fever, and it also cooled my thoughts. This oil is nothing short of astounding. I also just held the little magic bottle under my noses and breathed in cool calmness, allowing its properties to ease my mind and remember that this too would pass. I invite you to the wonders of Peppermint Oil for your unique path of least resistance.

Good to be with you on the Flip Side, there isn’t a crowd here but plenty of room for you.

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