The Path Of Least Resistance is The Path of Most Allowance —Abraham

This is the ultimate ‘go with the flow’ philosophy! The path of least resistance has momentum, has clarity, has ease. The path of least resistance has openings and is engaging and fun on the way to something spectacular. The Path of Least Resistance (yep I’m gonna do it….) your PLR knows exactly where you need to go and when. I know you don’t need another accronym in your life but I want this to be something you can remember and smile to yourself when you see your PLR open up in front of you with ease, you’ll say dang that Rae there is my PLR!

Your PLR is also the Path of Most Allowing (don’t worry I won’t add another acronym here- only one per blog) which means you’ll have to let everyone and everything in your life just be as it IS. Let go of anything you are resisting-person, place, thing… but you can’t stop there because if you let stuff go you better be ready to ‘feel-in’ with something fresh, something wanted, something working in your life. Or you will invite that old momentum right back in for a cup of tea. So what are you feeling-in (after you let go of all the ‘them’)?

How about remembering that you are Source Energy- the very energy that creates worlds? How about the fact that you are so loved, so adored, so surrounded by support that the sun rose today without you having to lift a finger. The food is growing, the water is following and there is oxygen for all your days. The path of most allowing brings you to a place of ELEVATION where you can tickle the toes of joy and remember laughter and breath in your eternal nature. Ahhh that’s better. You see Joy is your natural state, you just might have gotten a way from it for a bit, but no big deal. Joy is also the PLR so whatever you can do to invite it in, then everything else will find it’s way to you effortlessly. Oh you will take action but the action will be scrumptious and it will carry you to the next and the next.

To help you find your ELEVATION let me introduce you to my little vibration side kick the essential oil blend from DoTERRA- called ELEVATION. This blend of pure, organic, therapeutic grade goodness is a combination of Lavandin, Tangerine, Elemi, Lemon, Myrtle, Melissa, YlangYlang, Osmanthus, and Sandalwood. This is revitalization in a bottle. Breath this in, drop some in a bath, rub some behind your neck and watch vitality welcome you with open arms. Let your Mother Nature help you find your PLR and breath in the grace.

To order from our Essential Oil information website click here. Now go elevate.;-) Life is good!

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