Consider the Puppy

Consider her paws, the very tips of them. Her tiny claws, not yet fully grown, but sharp and dangerous in their own fresh way.

Consider how those claws dig holes, tear up your new tights, scratch at the blankets on the bed when she wants you to lift them up for her.

Consider how she curls those claws and those paws underneath her body, forming a circle of trust, lost in the warm sea of a queen-sized bed.

Consider the puppy’s nose, because it’s impossible not to. Consider it’s purpose — hunting crumbs, reading butts, becoming an expert on you.

Consider it’s wetness, it’s dryness, how it changed as she got bigger. There was once a pink spot by her right nostril, but now her entire nose is shiny and black.

Consider where the pink spot went.

Her tail tells you everything, so there is not much to consider. And her ears, one up, one down, are as uneven as her temper. She is only content right after meals or when running without a leash. Consider the possibility that maybe she learned that from watching you.

Consider the puppy, as she barks at the cat, pees on the floor, jumps off the couch when you try to touch her.

Consider how she loses her mind when you come home from work.

Consider how she would literally die for one bite of whatever it is you are eating right now.

Consider the puppy, who begs for just a little bit more, even when you tell her you have nothing left.

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