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A Mile in His Shoes: The Road to Manhood

The very essence of a man is one that attracts the opposite sex. The masculinity, the strength, the provider, the protector. Unlike a woman’s intuition, Manhood stems from experience.

I can dispute a list of things the female embodies that are unsettling; such as the time of the month, child birth and acting on emotion. But, I believe a man’s journey into manhood exceeds any standard women have bestowed upon the definition of a ‘real man.’ Men operate on a system of logic. The core of their being defined by events that act as the foundation and their individual rite of passage. This trademark of events brands a man to comfortably wear his shoes.

A man can have any and every asset in his possession to survive and ultimately provide. While a lack of character, the medium that holds true to a man’s purpose can led to a stumbling block in regards to partnering with a companion. I’ve learned both through experience and research that a man must have certain ‘building blocks’ in place before settling down as well.

Ebony reserved their October issue for men; giving women a front seat to black male brilliance and relevant topics related to men. My full attention rested on the spread “I AM A MAN” by George James, PSY.D., highlighting the six elements that can contribute to a man’s walk into manhood.

1. I Am King — Deciding to grow from a traumatic event, instead of falling victim to it.

2. I’m Moving On Up — becoming the role model of the family professionally and academically.

3. Dude, I’m a Dad — becoming a first time father.

4. “We” Eat What “I” Kill — being the sole provider for your family.

5. I Can Heal From Heartbreak — understanding the concept that hurt people hurt people and finding a healing solution to trust again

6. I’m Not My Dad — the decisions of your father, whether good or bad doesn’t define the present/Future status as a man.

Every guy has a different definition of manhood, and every boy has his own time-date stamp on the moment he finally becomes a man.” -George James, PSY.D.

Some paths are meant to walk alone; a man’s milestone into manhood is not always meant for a woman to understand. Nor one to be judged. I’ve grasped a grand understanding of the tedious actions of a man. These actions are actually more calculated than one would imagine.

I have no desire to walk a mile in a man’s shoes; however, I will give credit where it’s due. To be black and to be a man is a true badge of honor.

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