MILLENNIAL DILEMMA : How Can I Afford Kids If I’m Barely Affording Myself?

Oct 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Child care is the new rent. And they wonder why there's been a rise in mental health issues.

How can a young or even older adult for that matter afford a child, if they are just making ends meet? Parents are paying at least $200-$300 weekly for childcare. You do the math. Calculate how much a parent with mulitple children would pay. Then factor in living expenses, food, car payments/insurance along with miscellaneous bills. We are somehow caught up in the era of paying more and recieving less or the bare minimum. We see this with health care, grocery shopping, housing, and the list goes on.

The price tag is expensive, yet the quality of an individuals mental state in taking on this load hangs somewhere in the balance.

An individual’s mental capacity does need to be factored into consideration when starting a family.

According to Wbur, child care is so expensive Americans can’t afford to work for less. In 2017, the fertility rate took an historic dive. Are you surprised? If you think about it there’s and pattern to investigate. Somewhat of a dominio effect.

The cost of living. Expensive.

The cost of child care. Expensive.

Essential household needs. Expensive.

A healthy diet. Expensive.

Now we’ve reached the peak.

Income. Strained.

Mental Health. Strained.

Relationship Status. Strained.

Vacation Time. Strained.

Sanity. Strained.

Turn on the news and what do you see. National Shootings. Often. Gun Violence. Often. Lack of educational funding. Often.

Do you get my drift? America the land of the free contradicts the brave. There’s a unmistakable dillema here and millennials are paying for it both literally and figuratively. So, what do we do? Good question. If you have the answer, some suggestions or thoughts feel free to drop a comment!


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