Open Letter to the Officer Who Followed Me Home Last Night

Time : 3:30am
Location: Kirkwood Rd

So I guess it was about 3:25am when you received a call with reason to suspect a blue Volkswagen driving in front of you. I guess it was about 3:35am when you decided I was a subject for you to hone in on. I guess even after I parked and exited my vehicle with no hesitation that I still seemed to be of suspicion. I guess when I proceeded to walk to my place of residence with keys in one hand and phone in the other that you found it necessary to turn your headlights off and follow beside me with your window down. I guess it was the fact that my black fur hood covered a great portion of my face, and you could see no emotion that you decided to peel off. You came with the intent to scare the hell out of me and I let you.

Now there are two dummies with some explaining to do.

As I replay that scene of you following me I gasp at the idea of me turning to face you too fast for your badge to handle. Or questioning you as to why you were following me in the first place. Immediately realizing I’m a young BLACK woman at 3am walking home at night alone and I immediately went into survival mode. What’s the best way for me to survive this situation? What’s the best way to make it in the house to see my son just a few steps away? And my plan became to just ignore you and not even look your way. In doing so, I won the battle and made it indoors safe, but I lost the war of allowing your illegal behavior to scare me in a way that I feared for my life. You are a coward for your intent and YOU have to answer for everything that you do. There was no protection last night and certainly no service. But I guess you knew that too.

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