The Ghosts of Secret’s Past: Episode 2 Recap
The secrets are spilling over the court and everyone is running to the nearest exist.

Jelena has passed her puppeteer torch onto Lionel and things are going at a not so steady pace as she continuously tries to sign Derek deal after deal. Bribe after bribe. Lionel has even convinced Jude to get his paws dirty as he flirts with Lucas in efforts to offer Derek the best deal possible. To Jude’s surprise Lucas is already under the spell of his past and by past I mean New Captain of the Devils, Zero.

The force sale of The Devils is in full effect as Jelena and Terrance tries to sell everything, but their souls to find a partner to assist them on this journey to owning The Devils. But at what cost? How much is 10% of The Devils really worth in Jelena’s world? We found out in this episode that mommy dearest has turned in her mommy badge of honor, before signing over her 10% of The Devils to Jelena. The power trip didn’t seem as magical as Jelena expected as the past of her father’s abusive relationship with her mother smacked her right in the face. James Howard is his name and I have a feeling we will be hearing this name again as the episodes progress.

Here’s the topping to the cake though. German. What is German up to? Now that he’s faced with Olivia’s death through a dream, he’s acknowledged his secret of her death has become a new reality. We can see it in his eyes; we can feel the intensity in the scene. And there’s no turning back for him, but there may be a setback for Ahsha. Ahsha was invited to join the Boston dance team and German gladly accepted her decision as he decides to pack up and leave Olivia’s ghost behind. They couldn’t make their grand exit that easily. Derek is coming full force for what he wants and he’s taking no prisoners. He did in fact sign Lionel’s contract, but under one condition. Ahsha becomes a Devil Girl again. Someone may be unpacking for her trip to Boston because love wants her to stay home.

Sloane has bitten off way more than she can chew as her supposed bodyguard becomes her worst nightmare. Find out how this beautiful train wreck in the Devil’s playground unravels on next week’s episode on VH1 @10pm.
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