The “Hey, I’m Almost 30” Survival Kit for Women

If I gave you a list of all the things I feared before turning 30 and every woman gave me theirs, we would have one big encyclopedia of worries. Let’s not burden you too much with the fears and focus on the things that we actually can change and prepare for.

Here’s my survival kit for the, “Hey I’m almost 30” year olds. Listen up Queens.

All you need is one clean sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. And one pen. Wait…did you think this kit came free of charge? No sweetie! Your survival kit is your PLAN.

I’ll give you the three main components that are going to have you turning gray before 40, if you don’t do this correctly.

1. Finances- a large percentage of our stressors come from the mismanagement of finances. Create a savings account, if you already haven’t and begin stocking up. Not for bills, but for your future. We must have our finances stable or have a plan in place to get it there.

2. Health — I read a meme one day on Facebook that said as a child you are forced to go to the doctors. As an adult, you skip out on doctors and only hope one day you won’t die. Very true, extremely comical, but not apart of the plan. Visit your doctors yearly or as frequently as possible. Start thinking of healthy habits that are feasible for you. Walk every morning. Go to the gym at least once a week. Try a new vegetable a week. We only get one body, let’s keep it intact and healthy! Trust me, this is the struggle of my life. Ask my best friend, I had a mental break down the day my doctor told me back in high school, I had to go on a gluten-free diet. My main concern was NOT being able to eat cookies. The struggle is real. By real, I mean currently, ask me if I have started this diet yet.

3. Relationships — For some reason in your mind you think 30 is the ideal age to have it all figured out. Wrong mentality to abide by. Unfortunately, love will not always come knocking at your door by 30, for some of us that is. I say this because I don’t want you to rush, settle or pursue a invaluable relationship trying catch up with this 30-year old timer. In your 30’s, you are far more wiser than your fun-loving 20s. By now you should know what type of people you want in your corner. This includes; friends, co-workers, companions and in some cases family members. Take each relationship as a breath of fresh air and take your time. Everything happens exactly the way it’s supposed to, no worries.

Queens, my beautiful queens. Make a list of these three very essential elements to the journey to 30. Start planning now! I have the sheet of paper in my hand right now. I’m 27 years old and I don’t have three years to have it all figured out, but at least a plan is great start.

Age ain’t nothing, but a number. No PLAN ain’t nothing, but a woman complaining that she’s almost 30. We got this in the bag ladies. Bring it 30! _insert boxing gloves here :)