Cinderella is a proof that a pair of shoes can change your life…

A good pair of shoes will always make you feel more confident, happy and adds to your style.

I will be talking about shoes you can wear to the office. As I always say in my previous blogs, work is an untapped place for experimenting with fashion.

Many of you might think, shoes…hmmm who sees them, people usually eye look your attire. Well surprisingly that is not true. I once met someone who judged people based on the shoes they wore. Heck, they see the tiniest detail, whether it was polished, clean, messy, torn, unmatched with their outfit etc.

These days companies have become more liberal with dress codes unless your working for a bank or financial house. The most common color of shoes worn at work is black…why you ask? Well it looks formal to begin with, it goes with everything and anything you wear. Lets face it..we also have a pair of little black shoes that most of us own.

But, why stick to one color, look or style when you can create your own.

For formal corporate wear I would go for shoes that have leopard prints on it, pointy style, with a classy band around your ankle and of course with pencil heels. This goes with most of your formal outfits and it will stand out.

Red is another color I am fond of, it is striking to the eye and the attire feels complete with a sense of style to it. I don’t like being a run of the mill with my clothing, I love to be seen from the usual heard.

For those of you who wear casual clothes to office..well you have so many options out there. I personally like flats or shoes that have small heels its just more comfortable to work in and my feet don’t hurt with all the walking and standing.

But for today's blog I will be focusing more on formal shoe wear with the perfect attire and look.

I am going to post pictures of shoes that I absolutely loooveee…and talk a bit about them so read on !

The perfect mix of neutral and color.

This shoe is the perfect summer look, whether your indoors or going on an office outing.

Office Looks with perfect shoes

This image speaks for itself, shoes and the attire to go with them. You may not have the same shoes but hey like I always say mix and match.

If you’re looking for a tomboy take on the d’Orsay flat, this one’s for you.
Now this is a staple print every woman should own!

Omg! The moment I came across these shoes I knew I wanted them. Arn’t they absolutely stunning ! Though this shoe has specific colors and attire styles to compliment, it is a must have to your shoe collection.

And finally the pick of the week is….

Classy and Sexy

This shoe will go with everything, I mean literally everything whether your going from work for a few drinks to a meeting to sitting on your desk. Formals or In-formals this shoe is a perfect fit — said prince charming to Cinderella !

Mix and Match

After all this writing and discussing shoes I am seriously having the shopping bug. I’m signing off now and hitting the mall !

But remember a stylish shoe a day will keep your bad mood away!

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