Adventure Essentials

Years of meeting experts in different fields,research and travel has gone into this adventure essentials list for you. We will continue to update this list as the gear improves!

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First 8 FUNdamentals

The first eight FUNdamentals include:1) learning or practising your juggling skills (less than £2!),2) Keep fit by skipping on any terrain that’s available to you. 3) Stay hydrated with this Camelback. The camelback is hands down the greatest travel water bottle (you’ll see everyone with one SO, label yours!). Walk miles and miles in one direction without having to worry about getting lost with your 4) £1.99 Compass and 5) head torch (batteries, charger included).Adventures can bring accidents as we all know so it’s best to keep your 6) First aid pack close to your chest.7) Is the super quick dry towel that folds into the ball of your hand!8) Limitless uses with duck tape including all your repairs if your bag or tent rips.

Adventures for the mind:

Start off with a pack of cards and again, a new skill: crafts, origami (bring a stack of paper/you’ll find some on the road):

Grab a journal: We want you to head out and explore the shops nearby for one that suits you.

6 more adventure Travel essentials, you’ll need a backpack

“I don’t get homesick.I get camp sick 1) Berghaus Trailhead 65 Backpack And you’re 2) day pack from North Face. 3) Here’s an awesome,reduced, sleeping bag and 4) yoga mat for you. If you’re hardcore, there’s no need for a mat, BUT we recommend one as with a yoga mat, you’ve got two uses for the price of 1. 5) Survival matches. The amazing thing about travel is often the spontaneity.Spontaneity brings uncertainty and risky scenarios. So be prepared! 6) If you’re out and about, even in the UK (!) again, be prepared,suncream can be a life saver.

Workout essentials,Travel Strong

(Assuming you’ve got your skipping rope)

Workout on the road with a SUSPENSION trainer, Now there are two options:Protone does the job well, great value,we have one…. ….. but we’re saving up for the stronger 1) TRX below. [Looking for exercises: Trainer Vanacker has an awesome tutorial video: ] 2) The roll out helps you fire the core wherever you are in the world with a circus look peice of equipment. 3) Resistance forearm power grip- this goes everywhere with me! 4) Speaking of resistance, these bands will enable you to stay or become super flexible, loosening both the upper and lower body. If you’re looking for simple exercises — Dane has a easy video here to follow.

Be SAFE on the road

1)Crucial,the money belt has got to be the number one safety essential. I even use it out and about in my hometown. Keep your valuables with you! I mentioned locking your stuff away,the 2) combination lock will be super useful in every hostel or place you rock up to, to secure your bag, but the 3) Pacsafe will guarantee ALL your gear will be in the same spot when you’re back from your outdoor exploring.

Hiking and Jungle

1)Having cargo zip trekking trousers means it’s a super easy on-and-off between trousers and shorts- dependent on the weather and wildlife. 2) WARMTH,perhaps not in the Amazon rainforest but if you’re heading into high altitudes, a fleece is more than essential. I’ve got two Jack Wolfskin’s,7/7 for their function as well as being super comfortable! 3&4) Womens/Mens socks- if you’ve got the correct footwear, you’ll need the correct socks to go with them

5) Trekking?Entering mosquito land? Long sleeved based layers are a must. Helly Hansen is worn by the top trekkers, grab one! We’d like to add though, if you’re near a Uniqlo store, we’d seriously recommend their base layers. 6) Again, these salmon trainers are still going strong for me having been through the heart of Malaysia’s jungles and UK forests so far (ideal for walking around town too!)…but it’s whatever is most comfortable for YOU. I’ve given you two options for rain jackets because I love both brands and specific waterproofs. 7&8) North Face/ featherweight (30z!) Marmot jacket). 9) The bushcraft set, with sheath for all your woodsman skills- fires/shelters/collecting water -limitless survival skills. 10) Water Purification tablets…you may often find yourself trekking with limited water so keep these handy for when the source may be contaminated. 11) Jungle formula — essential in areas with high mosquito concentration. We’ve used trusty Jungle Formula in both the Amazon rainforest to the Malaysian Jungle.


1) The 4-hour work week breaks down fears, throwing you into your discomfort to bring out the best in you.The NY times best seller helps you to create the lifestyle you desire, rather than ‘wasting 40+hours’ a week, hoping one day, retirement will pay off . 2) Africa 39 “A vivid, evocative, colourful and surprising portrait of the continent through selected stories from a wide variety of young authors, that puts African writing firmly on the literary map”.Hit the road and become a travel blogger with: 3) Travel Blogging 101. “Learn everything you need to know to build a successful and profitable blog online while backpacking around the world”. 4) Plan Your Website: enabling you to create a “crystal clear strategy for creating a website that can get results”.We all have ideas and passions;use the book to create the website that fuels your desire to adventure! Finally, the incredible 5) School Of Greatness new to 2015. Lewis Howes distills hundreds of hours of interviews with the ‘most successful’ people in the world to break down greatness into 8 principles.

Desired Digital Devices

1) Indestructible unlocked Nokia phone! 2) GoPro HERO4 Camera for all your action/physical adventure videos, movieis of the future to be made from these devices… 3) Kindle: all your e-books enables you to keep on track with you efficient light packing. Hey, my favoruite thing about them is the ability to highlight- plug it into a laptop and all the highlighted material pops up on a document! 4) Can’t go wrong with this world travel adapter (bonus case!) 5) BACK UP YOUR S***! I’ve had my phone stolen and it’s safe to say, if you’re media’s not backed up, it’s gone,forever! I’ve now used this hard drive since (as well as dropbox). 6) Apple fan? Again, further backups as well as all your documents, keeping up with friends on the road, project planning and social media in one on the Ipad below. 7) Keep your devices alive with this ultra high capacity power bank, portable charger from Anker

City Essentials

1)100% polyester high-vis jacket, perfect for cycling 2) Similar purpose, this one has a hood! 3) Hard wearing,soft touch optimum men’s cycling full finger gloves. 4) Luxury USB bike lights- never worry about battery changes, saving YOU time and keeping you SEEN by drivers 5) Kryptonite bicycle lock, the best of the best for a great price -containing U-lock and bonus braided steel flex cable 6) Be super careful in the winter, I’ve fallen off mine in super slippery spots but otherwise this scooter is just fantastic. I’ve gone on countless rides now including a 6am sunrise ride.

Money and documents

  • Passport (Have a couple laminated copies to be on the safe side)
  • Any pre-booked Transport Tickets?, E.g. your PLANE tickets!
  • Pre-booked accommodation? Print it off and have it close to you
  • CASH, often cheaper getting a stack of money if you have the funds before you enter the country (avoid exchanges at boarders)
  • Whatever ID other than the passport you need: Student/Driving/Discounts etc.
  • Entry requirements can often include visas and passport photos: have 10+ ready
  • And the boring but important stuff including: Insurance Info, travel itineraries, Emergency contact info.

Loads more items for you,

1) Zone out with ear plugs 2) Mizzen and Main provide guys with the solution to all travel business attire (intro video linked up)… 3)Swimming goggles I always find handy as well as 4) dry sacks to keep yourself organised on the roadSeparate your gear, stay organised on the road with these dry sacks below too:

I hope you enjoyed the read, please reflect on any of the above and the best thing you could do is share it with a friend! Lots more to come, until then, carry on adventuring!

Until the next adventure,peace

Originally published at on October 29, 2015.