Letter For Future Self

Dear Lucas,

In three months you will probably be Lucas. And in three more months, if you are lucky, you could even become Lucas. Then proceed to becoming LUCAS. Isn’t that amazing?!

The reason I’m writing to you is because I am going to change. And I want you to remember what you were before you became Lucas. Then, when I myself become Lucas, then I will write to you about how you were as Lucas, before you became Lucas, and so on.

I still enojoy Magic the Gathering, and I hope you’re still enjoying it too. I have a feeling that you are a very good basketball player right now, and I hope that you are not having too much trouble with family. Right now, since you are in middle school, I hope you still enjoy McAuliffe as much as you did when you were in elementary. Are you not doing very well at McAuliffe? Are you thinking about transitioning to Kennedy during the next chance you have? As my present self, Lucas, I really hope that you will not have to, as McAuliffe has become like a second home to me and I will be very sad too leave before I get a chance to stand upon the PAC stage, proudly announcing to the whole school that I have walked these grounds for ten years. But If you are moving to Kennedy, I hope you are able to keep pace with the studying, get new friends, and enjoy yourself. Being my present self, I would not be worried about education, as I am pretty smart already. Hopefully that did not change in your time. Speaking of my present self… I think I’ve asked enough about you. Now I will tell you about myself some more.

Right now, my favorite sports are basketball and cross country. I hope to be very fit my whole life, and I am working very hard to be better. I hope I will always be that hard working, and I hope you are that hard working too. This week I have made myself a schedule for working out. It includes practicing running four times a week, and basketball four times a week. I got a ladder hoping to improve my footwork. I am also self-motivated on studying trig and Ukulele. I’m hoping to start online Uke lessons with Glenn Staller soon. I hope that you are currently taking those lessons. Now, for a little reflecting on myt past self…

Little Lucas as I remembered him loved soccer, and thought that it would be his best sport until a long time. It was about the only sport he would do, never would he have dreamed that he would quit it, and become very good in P.E, and at lots of other sports. Never would he have dreamed, that the bookworm who stayed in the school library Lunch and Recess every day, would become the jock who loves B-ball and Cross Country. Little Lucas’ dream was always to become a scientist, drawing out hopeless diagrams for inventions. But If he had become committed on that path, those diagrams might have become reality. But I am now reading fantasy and long novels, and nonfiction is now something I find very boring. Sorry, Little Lucas, that I didn’t help you carry on your dreams and become what you have always wanted to be.

And that concludes my letter to you.

See you and be you in 3 months!

Keep outshining everyone,


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