I have a certain set of things I want to talk about in this journal. But before I start I need to set the weirdness/randomness standards. So let me publish some of my strange doodles.

Before posting the pictures I carefully delete all the information contained in image files so the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG) cannot figure out my identity.

Nevertheless, Windows does not allow me to delete GPS information from the images (this is also definitely implemented by ZOG). So if you are a c00lhax0r you can figure out that:

  1. I have been to Moscow
  2. I have been to Zurich

I can say even more, I lived in both places. Any prospective reader of this journal would also figure out (by the lack of articles and strangely positioned commas) that Russian is my mothertongue and that I live in Zurich at the moment. I will try to be paranoid and not expose any further personal information throughout this journal.

I don’t have to try hard to be paranoid:

This one is obviously also related to ZOG.

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