I literally can’t

London air is so still now, I litʃrally kɑːnt.

Sitting, peering at motionless trees, looking stunned.

Living in the UK, you expect windy days —

Wind helps everybody keep up with the pace

Of working in buildings of concrete and glɑːss.

Most days when I see people run for a bus,

Not sure if they’re running to get to some place

Or stop water droplets from hitting their face.

When nature gets nasty and weather is rough,

We start looking busy with “stuff”.

I always wanted to write something in London English. Of course, it had to be about weather.

The weirdest thing is that getting busy with stuff still seems like the best way to go. Nevertheless, I spent a mɑːssive amount of possibly productive time writing this — just couldn’t convince myself time exists in the first place. Secretly hoping tomorrow is going to be as still as today.