Ich hab alles was du willst

Arifical Intelligence is going to change our emotional perception of what ‘human’ means. I think about it 24/7 and cannot even elaborate. I would rather draw. I wish I could do art.

I wish I could do fashion, overthrow WGSN. Fashion is London’s way to be weird and cool at the same time.

Kanye wishes he could do fashion too. He gets turned down though. He gets angry, starts screamingWe culture! We culture!” This phrase really speaks to me. What Kanye he sees in the old white people knocking down his designs — I see that too. I see death and rotting. They shouldn’t be arguing with the new. This is the new culture! When power is given to something old, I feel anger, an urge to help it rot.

Like when this girl who works as an upscale interior designer tells me that her clients would never even consider using VR. Like when a pension fund manager would allocate customers’ money with a nice public-school educated British guy who supports the same rugby team, rather than with a bunch of maths nerds with their high performance numbers. Like when I seek out business development people to work on my idea, pay them money and still get a vibe that I work for them, because they are in the right circles and I am just a nerd.

I can understand that most of nerds are unpleasant. I got a chance to hang out with a Google crowd for a day and was pretty disappointed. But it is still pretty cool to be a nerd, really. Young Viennese chavs who spend their days smoking weed are probably also quite unpleasant. You would not want to hang out with most of them. Yet, somehow their cool is represented in culture. You would watch something like that:

And you might see some cool in it. I did, and I don’t even smoke weed.

I used to think that the cool is with the Silicon Valley boys, with their “fuck you” attitude, making millions without wearing ties or belonging to a circle. But apparently this cool is only visible from inside the scene. From the outside, you see the “Social Network” guy.

The “Change the world” attitude has become such a widespread exploitation technique and is so in tune with the old circle of establishment, people are not buying it anymore. To be cool, you need to be outside the system. “Mr. Robot” is getting there, but I have a feeling people are not buying it either. We need a new Neo — a person who understands the machines so well they can feel them.

Luckily, recent progress in machine learning makes algorithms we interact with every day more and more human-like. Their thinking is now less like “reasoning” and more like “intuition”. Their interfaces are now less like “dashboard” and more like “conversation”.

It is a part of a big game representing different societal functions as different actors. Yesterday you were already telling people you “talked with a bank”, meaning you talked to the bank’s human employee. Today you are tweeting to a bank, as if it was a person. Tomorrow you are going to be having a conversation with a bank, negotiating a loan, and no humans are going to be involved at all. Your bank is finally going to shed all error-prone human contraptions and become a machine, connecting you directly to other people’s resources. Decisions this machine will be making are going to be based on such a massive amount of data and such a complex model that nobody will be able to explain them to you as “reasoning”. You will rather want a “feeling” about how the machine works, this why you would need Neo.

There is a strange dichotomy between machines and nerds. Nerds act like they are perfect reasoning machines, while in reality they work on noisy mysterious neural networks — brains. Machines of the future are going to act like they are humans, while really built using virtually perfect reasoning machines — computers. Nerds are anti-machines. Whoever Neo is going to be, they are going to be a nerd.

So, keep an eye out, brothers and sisters. We culture!