Stop being so pi$$ed off. Please.

More people are more pi$$ed off now than ever in the history of the world.

That’s a fact and it’s based on a study I did recently. Most people were so pi$$ed off they couldn’t even summon the energy to reply.

After the survey I was a lot more pi$$ed off than before which goes to show the alarming rate of acceleration for this pi$$ed of trend.

Being pi$$ed off is affecting everything from people in shops to the clergy, but it’s mainly concentrated in people working in some form of marketing.

I know this because I work in it and everyone I talk to about marketing is well and truly pi$$ed off.

They’re pi$$ed off because people are:

i) Not listening when they tell them to do stuff.

ii) Doing other stuff instead of what they‘re supposed to do.

It’s a double whammy.

I listened to an American preacher once and he told me the biggest reason for people being pi$$ed off is that they expect other people to do what they want.

And the secret, as he shouted all kinds of American spit into my face, was not to try to get people to do what you want them to do.

And that my very pi$$ed off friends is secret to marketing success & happiness.

Stop trying so damn desperately hard to get people to buy your stuff, download your stuff, fill out forms to show interest in stuff & do all manner of other rubbish stuff.

You’re all trying to damn hard and it’s making the whole thing too painful.

Customers can smell the pi$$ed off desperation on your marketing. They can see through your smiley eyes and into the number crunching pi$$ed off person inside.

Start to enjoy it more, have some more fun, chat some rubbish, look beautiful, keep it positive, don’t talk so much about damn problems & soon enough people will want to hang out with your brand, because you don’t smell so much of pi$$ed off.

This may just be the most valuable thing you’ve read today, and if it is I’m sorry.