Does Energy Healing Work?

Are you seeing more and more articles and videos about holistic practices in the media?

Are you hearing more about Reiki, meditation, and mindfulness on the news?

Energy Healing

Although such forms of holistic practices have been around for centuries, Reiki and other forms of energy healing are becoming more widespread across the globe.

When it comes to applying this holistic approach to get to the root of stress, anxiety and imbalances, Reiki (universal energy) healing helps to resolve issues at the energetic level of the intuitive, higher self.

Years ago, I went through a series of personal and professional life crises. Though most would describe me as an upbeat and down-to-earth gal, deep down, I was miserable.

I tried everything but kept feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and hopeless. In the midst of anxiety and bouts of depression, I kept changing jobs, moving locations…yet nothing seemed to work.

Here’s what happened at one of my lowest points…

Broke up with a guy that I was set on marrying…couldn’t stand my office job and cried myself to sleep on Friday nights because I dreaded Mondays…had a falling out with my best friend…and a meltdown in front of a manager…unfortunately, the list goes on.

When it rains, it pours right?! But, while life was falling apart, I was able to manifest milestone breakthroughs like crazy. Life was chaotic but that didn’t mean I had to stay at rock bottom.

I worked with various energy healers and yoga mentors to clear blocks holding me back from tapping into my intuition. The clarity and insight I gained felt instantaneous.

I ended my work contract overseas and got on the airplane to move back to the US. Within 24 hours of landing, I bought my condo and car. I went from the airport, to the hotel, then my realtor’s office, into the realtor’s car, viewed the condo, 20-minutes later, put down the offer. Next morning, I bought the Prius!

How did I make such large purchases in such a short amount of time with so much confidence and clarity? And so quickly?

Most times we bust through blocks to manifest breakthroughs by tackling our challenges on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Rarely do we look at how to take on life challenges on the energetic level.

Don’t get me wrong, I still stand by meditations, visualizations, journaling, and working out as effective techniques that can feed the soul.

Over the years, I refined and polished my holistic strategies by not only digging deep, real deep, but also learning through trial and error. I continued working with various energy healers and yoga mentors.

During yoga and Reiki energy healing training, I learned effective techniques on how to reduce stress on a mental, physical, emotional, and energetic level. I felt called to use my holistic approach to help other ambitious women get unstuck.

This passion for helping others navigate tough personal and professional challenges became my destiny.

I always enjoy reading about various styles and perspectives on holistic healing. Some have a skeptical view and others have a more “woo-woo” approach. At the same time, there are so many that are starting to swear by energy work in resolving mental, physical, and emotional challenges.

Here’s an overview of some recent articles and videos covering these energy healing practices in the mainstream media. Silver Lined Days welcomes your view of the these takes on Reiki and other energy healing practices.

Feel free to comment below on your experience with energy healing, be it self-treatment or working with a practitioner!

Vanity Fair: “Why Reiki, Crystals, and Flower Essences are Going Mainstream” by Michelle Ruiz

“Welcome to the new New Age, in which the plugged-in, stressed-out masses of the digital era are embracing once-taboo holistic healing methods in pursuit of a much-needed moment of zen…Once more, niche modalities like Reiki are gaining ground.” Read more here

The Examiner: “The Healing Benefits of Reiki” by Angel Ernst

This article includes a video of OB-GYN Lisa Masterson demonstrating Reiki healing on the popular daytime TV show, The Drs. Dr. Masterson demonstrates how she practices this type of holistic energy healing on ER physician Travis Stork.

Newsweek: “The Healing Power of Reiki” by Trevor Courneen

“Whether Reiki is right for you is a personal choice. Given that the cynical are less likely to experience the full benefits of the healing energy at the center of the practice, perhaps it’s best for those who doubt to stick with their prescriptions, or to ask their physician if there’s any treatment that can help to remedy a closed mind…” Read more here…

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