Why I DIY and I Enjoy It!

Eve Lynn Stanley
4 min readSep 4, 2015

The reasons why people engage in DIY activities have always been numerous. For some, DIY provides an opportunity to express their creativity. On the other hand, some do it driven by economic considerations. DIY can also be a form of occupational therapy or a leisure activity.

However, the reasons why I chose DIY as my hobby are complex.

#1. DIY Is My Therapy

It’s my great way to get rid of stress, especially after a hard day at work. I simply switch off from the reality and I enter my own little world. Completing DIY tasks usually leaves me relaxed. It’s not only a way to achieve a better home! It’s an opportunity to use both my brain and my hands. It’s a little known fact that when people engage in DIY activities like knitting, their heart rate and blood pressure go down.

#2. DIY Helps Me to Express Myself

Since I have a large amount of creative energy, I really enjoy the chance to reveal myself. When you do something with your hands it’s unique! You can’t find it anywhere, it contains a part of your soul and personality in it. I still remember the feeling I felt after I finished my first project. It gave me the drive to tackle more ambitious projects. You create a unique connection with the things you’ve made by yourself every time you use them. This is why gifts of hand-made furniture, for instances are so cherished-because you are sharing a part of yourself with the recipient of your gift. In addition, they will value the time and effort you’ve put into making something really special for them with your own hands.

#3. DIY Gives You the Courage to Screw It Up!

Being able to accept your mistakes is not an easy task. In fact, I think that is one of the hardest things we’ll have to learn in life. Anyway, DIY can teach you how to welcome your mistakes because of their inevitability and welcome them. Our mistakes may become a source of inspiration and the most effective way to learn.

The broken tools, barked knuckles and wasted materials made me more patient and more stubborn in pursuing my real life goals.

#4. DIY As An Opportunity For Business

I know a number of DIYers who managed to turn their passion into a business. Sites like etsy.com give DIYers the perfect opportunity to sell their works of art. Even if you don’t have the time to become a full-time maker, DIY can provide you freedom: make things whenever you want!

#5. DIY Can Save You Money

Last, but not least, DIY can save you money. Still, be aware that this isn’t always the case. Especially in the beginning you’ll lose more money than you’ll actually save. You’re gonna waste materials, time and efforts before you actually become good! However, looking ahead, if you are stubborn and patient enough, DIY can save you a lot of money.

Yet, there are projects it’s better not to tackle on your own, because they are too complex. I live in North London now alone and even I sometimes turn to North London handyman, because I don’t have either the time nor the experience to deal with some home repairs.

What are your reasons to DIY?



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