I don’t want to be a winner

As much as I respect @DHH, the author, because of the beautiful Ruby on Rails framework, I kind of don’t really agree with the article. And it also sounds a bit contradictive. You’ve created the RoR framework, you’re a founder of Basecamp, best-selling author, etc. That is a ‘winner’ to me. In my world, people who create what they love, and other people follow them, admire them, learn from them, are winners! The title of the article is so not you! You are a winner!

Yes, you may not have positioned yourself against some competition, but you’ve done a massive share and contribution to the world already.

As for the topic itself, my perception of a winner is a bit more complex than just crushing the competition. There may be people who actually enjoy it. That’s them. But a winner for me is someone who’s bold enough to move evolution ahead. ‘Life favors the bold’, they say. I think life favors the real winners.

The honest, hard-working, ethical winners!

Yet, I still believe that competition is in a way part of how life works. There’s competition literally everywhere — from the grass that’s suffocating some low growing flowers, to large trees casting thick shadows so nothing can grow on the ground level, to all the animals fighting for females and territories, to humans who do similar things :) It’s just how life works.

Do be a winner! That’s how you stay on the boat called ‘life’. Other people are just lost and forgotten. With everything the author has contributed, I firmly believe he’s a winner, so the title is redundant :)

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