This Is What I Do Before 8 AM.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

I tried to be superhuman before. It worked for a very short time. I am not a person to force myself into something I am not. Nor will I sacrifice the few sweet moments of my day. I have enough work to do to be miserable just as the day starts. I don’t have a morning routine exactly. I do a few things I have always liked, but I never read them anywhere. Once I wake up, my work begins. I don’t do that because someone advised it. I like to finish with my work as soon as possible.

But yes, I do hate everything the first moment I wake up. I wish I could just melt into my linens and be one with them :) I can’t sacrifice my sleep and give myself a healthy dose of it. I have one single life to live and won’t spend it miserable all the time. I am not an entrepreneur, just a motivated freelancer, so my schedule isn’t so busy.

In any case, great article! I saw myself there too! And the time spent with the partner — that is the sweetest thing! These 30 mins to 1 hr can totally make my entire day! Precious moments are forever! In the end who cares about money, business, entrepreneurship, etc. if we have missed these precious moments?

Thank you for the article! Thank God there are other humans just like me. Let the superhumans have their own battles :)

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