“The 2 Pounds Rule” & The Magic Trick of Weight Loss
Aaron Bleyaert

I recently dropped almost 10 pounds without really trying, simply by cutting back on sugar. And I broke through the mental aspect (dare I say “addiction”?) by overwhelming my brain with articles and studies on how horrendously, disgustingly toxic it is. (Pardon the hyperbole; it’s part of my self-brainwashing.) I don’t obsess over nutrition facts; I just don’t eat stuff that tastes sweet, except for special occasions (and I’m asocial enough that those are rare!). I convinced myself that I don’t need to eat sweet stuff for breakfast or after dinner, and I don’t need to drink sweet stuff, ever! I think it’s possible that eliminating sugar could be the too-simple-to-sell common denominator among all the low-carb diets like Atkins, Paleo, and South Beach.

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