I quit my job, launched a SaaS and got my first customer!

Why I left my job — stress and procrastination

My job as a developer for a software company was stressful, unstable and for some reason I procrastinated so much on the job.

So I decided to quit, and suddenly I’m all productive working on my own 🙌!

The story behind YouStat

I was browsing the internet and came across IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer which basically tells you how happy/angry/sad someone is from captions,

I thought its so cool I wanted to try it out on youtube channels.

I started a new project, got captions from youtube channels and videos, and started feeding it to IBM’s Tone Analyzer, not long enough it became boring and I didn’t want to launch it.

I had this database of youtube captions and I didn’t want to just dump it away.

So I made YouStat, you feed it a youtube channel, and it shows you the top 15 words said on the channel, which gives you a bit of context about the channel.

YouStat — Youtubers said-words frequency calculator

Why I pivoted to HowPeopleSay

YouStat had no business model, I could not sell it in anyway!

I had to make money!

I started thinking about ways I could use this database of captions to make money out of it,

I came across Do People Say on ProductHunt, it shows you how people use a specific phrase in text,

and I could do the exact same thing with videos instead of text, so I made HowPeopleSay(later called it SearchTheSubtitles)

HowPeopleSay, later SearchTheSubtitles — Find how on youtube a certain word/phrase is said

The goal behind HowPeopleSay was to validate if there are people that want to fix their pronunciation issues by looking up how natives say(pronounce) certain words and phrases,

and if it was valid, I would build a website to teach people good pronunciation using youtube videos — and eventually make them pay for it 🤑

But that was not the case, I launched it on ProductHunt and the result was awful


PH is not what decides if a product is worth pursuing or not, but the 4 upvotes were really discouraging to continue working on HowPeopleSay.

I decided to quit HowPeopleSay.

WordHunt — The first product that got me paid!

Later, some music remix videos got trending on youtube.

It was music lyrics put in presidents mouths:

I wondered, It should be a challenge finding all those lyrics being said by presidents on youtube!

I knew I could bring value to creators creating these types of music remix!

I immediately found 2 creators doing that kind of music, and reached out to them with an email about my software solution!

I tweaked HowPeopleSay a bit to make it fit these creators needs, and I got WordHunt!

They loved it! ❤️

I started building WordHunt, and getting feedback along the way from a creator!

WordHunt— Find where youtubers say stuff

How I got my first customer

My first customer came in right after I finished building WordHunt since he already knew about it! (he was one of the 2 creators I reached out to) 🎉🎊

My first dollar($50) 🎉🎉

Now its time to scale, and bring more creators in!

What’s next–ProxyBin

Having finished WordHunt(for the most part), all I’m doing now is reaching out to more creators,

Much free time now, I’m going to be building my next product — ProxyBin!(Read the tweet below)

My new product — ProxyBin (Soon)

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