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Eugene Loshak
2 min readSep 16, 2022

How choice correct of the loyalty program for a brand, that it influenced well on customers.

Today, Marketing managers have a lot of instruments for working with customers, but this doesn’t mean that all tools in marketing shud used at a moment’s notice.

I know some examples when some tools were fatalities for business.

Ok, we can list the most popular touch customers:

  • E-mail subscribes
  • SMS
  • Calls
  • Telegram bots
  • Instagram


And I think you can remember more customers’ servers used in your business.

For instance, when we started the education project Louder UP, we also began to use all services, but after a month’s work, we started to get messages from our clines. You have to understand that our project is for founders and entrepreneurs. It’s part clines who don’t spend time. We decided to think about it and to go an exciting way.

Every month we spend a lot of money on subscribers’ pay servers. For what? For example, we can see that they didn’t read our message and prefer only telegram bot or different. We complete our research and every week view statistic for better communication with our clines.

And this is only about apps; of course, it is not about the reason for a loyalty program. Still, a loyalty program builds on product service, and you haven’t to separate these two parts.

Give a comeback to loyalty programs that don’t affect business.

Very compulsive activity does not always work for good effect.

You can start using one tool and know how people will react to it.

For instance, you understand that for your company doesn’t suitable e-mail marketing.

Don’t spend to change tools, and you can try a changed tactic, maybe your content is not so good work and you need to find a new copywriter.

For what all this? This is for testing your platform and only after you have to build a loyalty program. Test Test Test.

What are loyalty programs?

  • discount for buyers
  • additional product or free other services
  • points for money


But, I had an interesting case, when all these tools in the loyalty program didn’t work for a brand. Because brand cycling did not allow discounts, it cheapened the brand itself and had a harmful effect on its appearance.

And we thought new loyalty program. We found audience demand to get a new experience and a get learn.

Thus, we deducted points with which clients could buy courses and acquire new knowledge.

Look deeper into the need of the audience. If you want to analyze your consumers and come up with something interesting, then come to me.

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