Helping you community and local businesses with your daily routine.

Do you want your hometown or block or neighborhood or any other area of your interest to be better looking, cleaner and safer? In the modern world that’s what wealth can help with. Although it is a relatively slow and hard process to get wealthier neighbors, grow nice trees or rebuild houses, there is still a way to organically support this process: help surrounding business to help your area.

Whether there is a competition with other areas in your city, or your village is in in the middle of the desert, there is still a great way to attract attention and get more business to it: online reviews. According to this survey in 2015 92% of consumers now read online reviews, what consequently means, that 92% of consumers use some business review platform (such as Yelp, Facebook, Google Maps, Foursquare, Tripadvisor).

The concept is that if you will come to your local businesses and give them honest, consistent and reasonable reviews, they will likely listen to you and do their best to improve their service. That’s your first benefit — better products and services in your area. But why don’t we do it everyday? Here are some reasons: timidity, avoidance of direct conflicts, avoidance of face-to-face conversation, disbelief in the effect etc. Many of these problems were somehow solved by online review platforms and their concept of same day reflexive feedback and publicity*: it’s easier to overcome timidity in the absence of an opponent, Internet helps you to avoid direct confrontation, publicity advocates for the effect of review.

Yet there are some missing parts or the puzzle, which if solved would make the whole interaction between customer and business representative way more effective:

  1. Consistency of reviews is not the case in general**, which makes elaborating on them hardly possible.
  2. Many reviews are offensive to business owners and staff, which is in many cases totally understandable, given that customers might be pissed off with something. Yet such reviews in many ways may discourage business representatives from collaboration and can hurt relations, when it comes to your area and local businesses. We in Testimoniacs believe in a general concept, that professional attitude towards your review will more likely lead to the same professional attitude of the business rep.

3. Review platforms do not compensate enough their users for blood and sweat they are spending to make really good, appealing and helpful reviews. The vast majority of reviews you put online as a common user is non-paid. Testimoniacs Community is dedicated to change this in share economy style and to provide our members a fair compensation for quality reviews. The current idea and pledge is to have all rewards funded directly from revenue and distributed proportional to the user’s contribution to the community.

4. Review platforms do not really teach how to write reviews, what to pay attention to, what aspects are essential for what business. And you never know if a user knows anything about that business or not — it is hard to trust most reviews. In Testimoniacs Community we invest in your expertise, helping you to obtain it, certify it and to improve it.

Writing your review online and engaging a business owner/manager into conversation will not only help you to get a better product or service or to get heard, but also it will:

  1. Help other customers to decide in favour or against reviewed business, based on your review and the way the business replies.
  2. Help your local business get more customers. Hypothesis: given that this business owner will know, that his financial success comes from local crowd support, it is very likely, that he will be willing to show some gratitude.
  3. Help your community to attract more people from outside your community to spend their money and therefore finance your area (directly — businesses, indirectly — the whole municipality).
  4. Put you neighborhood on the map and lighten it up. The more consistent content you put online and the more it is promoted, the higher will be the show rate in web search, especially geolocation sensitive searches***.

Let me give you an example: imagine that you live in a not-so-nice neighborhood close to some hip areas, but it’s not getting a slice of their pie. There may be some great places on your block, yet no one comes around, just because they do not know your district and do not look for that businesses there. How can you help and what can you get from it?

Just put this business on the map with your reviews! Go alone or take your friends, come to the business owner/manager and explain him the principles of Testimoniacs community. As soon as he applies for free trial, you will get an opportunity to review this business, get some discounts from them, get some compensation for your time, improve your expertise, skills and get some points in our weekly and monthly competitions!

Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll be happy to have a conversation using any medium.


*Many criticize some platforms for censorship and for pushing paid content on users in extreme ways, which are of course nothing but bad practices and we in Testimoniacs consider it to be temporary developmental disease of this industry. You are very welcome to start a discussion on this topic, since this is a matter of our scientific interest.

**According to our our research based on 10000 randomly picked reviews, only 20% of reviews contains more than 10 words — the amount that is enough to communicate your complaint, yet can’t include consistent review of any business.

***In Testimoniacs we consider focusing on geolocation based review platforms for the purposes of serving local communities and local businesses.