COSS stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution and represents a platform embracing all features of a digital ecosystem, and aimed at boosting the adoption of crypto. The COSS platform unifies all transactional aspects that are usually managed by means of FIAT money, and offers multiple cryptocurrency-related services in one place: e.g. a payment gateway / POS, an exchange, a merchant list, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an e-wallet, various coin facilities and a mobile platform.

In April COSS has officially launched its beta version. The platform also incorporates the most popular crypto-currency services such as wallet services, exchange exchanges, merchant / merchant platforms into virtual space, where crypto-currency customers and traders can meet and interact with each other. COSS is developed by an international team headquartered in Singapore under C.O.S.S. License PTE LTD.

COSS aims to create convenient, user-friendly and usable ecosystems that combine crypto and fiat currency services, available to customers with one account registered in one place.

The COSS currency of the VEROS platform, will be implemented as the Ethereum smart contract, which governs the validation, distribution, value and ownership of tokens. Apart from VEROS, this platform will support the most widely used crypto so customers can convert to fiat via the COSS exchange service. The new feature will be added to the platform during the next development phase.

Cryptocurrencies have all the prerequisites to becoming a viable replacement for FIAT money over the Internet, allowing millions of customers, including merchants, startups, businesses, charities, etc. as
well as the unbanked individuals to gain access to the most technologically-advanced payment methods. For this reason, at COSS we have designed the concept of Eco-Life, a borderless digital economic system suitable for cryptocurrency users. The Eco-Life is aimed at eliminating the challenges faced by the online payment industry via :

  • Catering goods and services within the e-Commerce and the Merchant Platforms;
  • Increasing the community of merchants accepting crypto as the most preferable payment method via the COSS POS;
  • Developing a lively marketplace with cryptocurrency-related services and products;
  • Integrating the public cryptocurrency exchange into COSS;
  • Providing a competitive payment solution for industries such as gaming,
  • real estate, etc. with direct funds deposition enabled on COSS;
  • Cashing-out cryptocurrencies via COSS prepaid cards.

The list of potential industries, which can benefit from using COSS is literally infinite and cannot be defined completely. Just like the internet, which is impossible to shut down, the COSS platform is likely to become a ‘living’ project, or ‘a smart contract with no expiration date’ that can endure many technological and social changes.

The upcoming features, which will be developed in this phase include:

  • Smart Contracts as a Service (SCaaS)

Smart Contracts as a Service (SCaaS) is a segment of COSS, which allows businesses to create and execute smart contracts within their system in order to simplify and automate their actions. SCaaS has potential to become as popular as SaaS (Software as a Service) in terms of its adoption within businesses, and has been predicted to advance the functionality within a wide range of industries. For this reason, we aim to advance the COSS software gradually to be in tune with this technological trend.

COSS has a very wide range of possibilities for development within the cryptocurrency industry. One of the main objectives of COSS is to create an environment, in which the community of cryptocurrency users will continually expand. Therefore, COSS invites startups onboard to create a vibrant market with a financial model that everyone can benefit from. The first step to building the market is realized through offering Smart Contracts as a Service allowing to implement the following features :

  • crowdfunding
  • peer-to-peer funding
  • healthcare
  • marketplaces
  • escrow
  • insurance
  • voting, etc

The full list of potential applications of SCaaS cannot be complete at this point of the technology’s development, because it is very new. The same is true about the entire COSS system, that is subject to continuous change aiming for the leading position in the market.

Smart contracts within COSS are offered as standardized templates to be signed on the blockchain for a small fee, enabling agreements between people, regardless of location. At COSS, we keep our mind open for collaboration with enterprises, businesses and startups that share the same vision and would like to cooperate in making the platform more global.


The future of COSS goes far beyond the existing structure and functionality, and will reach the point in the future when it will become completely autonomous, decentralized, and run or managed as a DAO.

In a simplified way, DAO is a computer program, run by a peer-to-peer network, in which the governance and the decision-making is prescribed by the code or the pre-programmed smart contracts. DAOs can be set to operate autonomously, without human involvement, implying that the code can provide the direct, real-time control of the DAO and the funds stored on it.

Because of its decentralized governance, DAOs have no central point of failure, representing the new generation of organizations and businesses that can be turned into DACs (Decentralized AutonomousCorporations and/or Companies). In the future, the COSS system will also allow creating DAOs for and by other customers as one of its added features.


COSS platform want to introduce new feature called Smart contract as a Service (SCaaS) to the businesses to offer an integrated automated solution for their business operations.
The SCaaS includes the following services like
Crowdfunding, peer to peer funding, healthcare, Escrow, Insurance, Voting etc.,

The COSS platform want to become DAO(Decentralised autonomous Organisation) in near future. DAO means a Self governed organisation running with pre determined computer code or programme without any human involvement. With this improvement there will not be any single point of failure. COSS is meant to provide a seamless experience to mass market.

The Principal COSS applications are

  • The Core application
    It contains all management tools for registration, login, password reset
  • Payment Gateway
    Merchant tools that helps to integrate
    Merchant Cryptocurrency payment in their websops.
  • Exchange
    Supports most tradable Cryptocurrencies and allows COSS users to place order and swap funds from deposits in COSS balances.

COSS will have 3 type of wallets to provide full security for the user funds

1.Hot Wallets

These wallets are used only for deposits and withdrawls and for Blockchain transaction confirmations.

2.Warm Wallets

These wallets are used to store the funds who are likely to do trading frequently. No User has access to server directly because the wallets are encrypted.

3.Cold Wallets

The main funds of COSS account holder will be stored in these wallets.
These wallets are stored on air gapped PCs in the COSS office in Singapore.

The Wallets in COSS Platform works as mentioned below

The Payment Gateway in COSS platform works as mentioned below

COSS platform want to create environment for Crypto Industry.

As I already mentioned COSS platform is self funded entirely but due to huge adoption is required in adding new features to the platform it need funding and that will provide new opportunities to the people who contributes in COSS vision.

So, Now COSS want to introduce it’s token called COSS Token for Crowdfunding. It is a revenue sharing Cryptocurrency that enables owners to receive revenues from the transaction fee charged by COSS platform.
50% of total Exchange transaction fee (0.2% — 0.04%) and payment gateway fee (0.75%) distributed to COSS token holders.

COSS consists of International team and Advisors from Blockchain, Finance, Software industry and many other industries. The managing board based in Singapore.

The Crowdsale details

The crowdsale starts on August 7th 2017 and it will end on September 6th 2017

No of Tokens available for sale : 130,000,000 COSS

Token rate 1 ETH = 600 COSS

The Bonus Structure

To contribute in Crowdsale visit

To know more about COSS project download whitepaper from

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